A Giant From the Sea

a very large King Helmet


Patrice, found what may in fact be a world record King Helmet while snorkeling. The book identifies that they have a maximum size of 12 ” well this one goes at least 16″. These beautiful shells are wanted for ornaments but we are pleased to say that for the time being he or she has been placed where we hope we can keep an eye on to keep it safe. These critters are predators and eat things like urchins and Sea Biscuits. They can bury themselves completely in the sand.

beautiful King Helmet

Some people carve these white shells with intricate cameo designs. They are for sale to cruise ship passengers down Island.



Patrice, snorkel mask marks and all, with King Helmet

I have to confess that we have a Cameo carved shell on the bar, but this one is still walking about in the Sea.




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