A great Chemistry

For those of you that have been here, you will understand that my wife being from Missouri originally, will correct every exaggerated statement I say. Now before you say anything please understand that I never let the truth get in the way of a good story and perhaps having a wife like this could be a good thing. Now picture if you can another couple who are exactly the same only in their case she is like me and he is like Patrice in that he, being from Missouri, corrects her exaggerations. This made for an unusual chemistry and we want to tell everyone we had a great time as we saw the others faults quite quickly. That is what you do when you get our age. So our other guests this week were subjected to constant corrections and constant tall tales but we had a great time. Marty and Anne were great troupers, Marty learned to follow Patrice while snorkeling and Anne and I kept each other alive while in deep water. I hope Marty will send photos so we can show how great a dive week he and Anne had and here is a photo of our chemistry twins Joe and Elaine. Thank you all four for a great time. Terry

Joe and Elaine

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