Another Great Fishing Trip

Norma FishMy birthday trip to Mango Creek was like an episode of Fantasy Island. I was picked up from the airport by my gracious host Doc, taken for a scenic drive of the island by car then by boat to this beautiful remote location where I met my second great host DD, they couldn’t have made the trip any easier. My fishing guide and fly fish teacher was Joevy, a sweet respectable young man, a native of Roatan who really knows these waters. First day out I caught two bone fish, not bad for never having fly fished. Our trips out to fish were awesome, the water around the island with so many shades of clear blue hue, passing coastal towns, reefs, sunken ships and various sea life. The stars from my cabana unspoiled by city lights, listening to the sound of the ocean and feeling the breeze as you sleep, then waking to the view from your room is something you should experience yourself. The grounds are beautiful, good view from top the hill. The staff are great, the meals splendid, catered to my diet, they even cooked a red snapper I caught. The drinking water is the best around. The cabana was sweet, clean. It was a memorable experience. Thanks to Doc, DD and staff especially Joevy for a wonderful week.

Norma , we loved having you here at Mango Creek Lodge, and thank you for sharing your birthday with us, it was good fun. Lots of fish out there waiting for your next trip to paradise, look forward to your return.  Doc and DD

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