August 1st 2009

Hi everyone this is Terry, at long last answering the question “what is happening there?”
First of all we are in the middle of this economic downturn, this has caused us to release our managers Keven and Amy from their duties. We, Patrice and Terry , are running the place. Maybe not as well maybe better who knows but economics is the driving force. So, here we be trying as best we can to get new customers and attract some of the old customers back yet again. We had a somewhat busy season but this summer has been our worst on record. That brings up our next problem. Mel our ousted President, most of us here in Honduras are glad to see him gone. He seemed to be on a one track and that was toward dictatorship with the help of Chavez in Venezuela. So he is gone , but not gone and everywhere in the world says take him back. Well NO we and the people of Honduras don’t want him back. Who would have believed that President Obama would side with Chavez in anything. Oh well, life goes on here. Let me please reasure you that there is no opression and no problems on Roatan and we have seen nothing to worry us in this regard.
The big news for Mango Creek Lodge is that we are going to be an Eco, Fishing, AND Dive resort. Yes we will be offering diving here from Mango Creek. We hope to be a certified Padi Dive Center, where you can come and dive till you are completely water logged.
Our new prices for 2010 will be posted soon on the website so watch for those, and anyone wishing to avoid the small price increase over last years bargans should book soon as we will honor our last year prices for the next short while.
The fishing has been great here this summer and we had our first quad Grand Slam, yep a Super Slam of Permit, Bonefish Tarpon and Snook all on a fly all the same day. Congratulations go out to Chuck Horner of Colorado.
So that is about all I can say for now, hope this works, I am quite computer illiterate and if you ask my wife she will tell you I can’t spell. I will try in the next little while to update pictures as we have had some cosmetic changes here. Hope this finds you all healthy and ready to come back down to Mango Creek because we miss you and would love to see you again. Terry

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