Awesome Father-Daughter Dive Team

 Ken and Annalyse, the father daughter adventure duo came to see us from upstate N.Y.  They quickly settled right into the Mango Creek way of life, Lobster for dinner, pineapple pancakes for breakfast, and days filled with fun. Diving almost every day of their week long stay, they still managed to find time to roam around the large property. Had a great trip out to Pigeon Cay for some beach lounging and snorkelling, and just to top it off they spent a day out fishing with one of our fantastic guides. They had many wonderful adventures to share and filled our evenings with great stories and good conversation. We’d love to show you a picture of both of them but somebody seemed to be behind the camera every time. We can’t wait to have them visit again, and I promise Annalyse …yes there will be as many mangos as you can eat.

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