Best three days of fishing in my life!

Sharon and Dave were here from Washington DC, for five days last week, a wedding in San Pedro Sula caused the shorter week. Despite terrible service from Taca airlines and their Honduran counterpart Islenia they had a great time. David fished three days with a trip to the Pigeon Cays to allow for some time with his wife. Many bonefish were caught and two Permit on one day, they could not entice the Tarpon out from under the mangroves but he says he will be back next June or July. Unfortunately David did not bring a camera so the photo evidence is lacking, the smile on his face and his declaration that these had been the best fishing days of his life told the story without photos. Sharon snorkeled with Patrice and I and became a hammock potato for a while but loved their trip to the Cays. Patrice and I agreed that these lovely people make our running Mango Creek all seem worthwhile.

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