Big Fish and A Broken Rod

The Tarpon that Brok the Rod

This tarpon was the best fish of my 11 day Honduras fishing trip, by far! In fact, it was probably the best fish and fight of my life.

MangoCreekLodge com Tarpon with a Broken Rod

The fish took going away on a pretty fast troll – I let him rip off 20 yards of line to swallow the minnow as I lightly thumbed the baitcaster spool for what seemed like the longest 5 seconds of my life – when I engaged the reel and set the hook he ripped off 40 yards more line and then did the wickedest magazine cover twisting towering tarpon leap you have ever seen – I will never forget it – the memory is seared in for life – when he made that first jump the golden rays of the sunset reflected off his silveriness in the most beautiful way.

Thirty minutes later, after some awesome huge jumps and runs, we were getting ready to land him at boat side when my rod ( my favorite steelhead stick) broke……no problem, take your time, we still had him on line….it did make it tougher, but about 5 minutes later we got him in – you can see my buddy Michael (young guide in training) and the broken rod framing the fish….we got some pics, revived him, and he swam away fine.

Isn’t it beautiful?

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  1. Tom Krol says:

    Just returned from 2 days of great fishing. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY PERMIT IN MY LIFE! Tailing. Pods of them. Bonefish everywhere. Caught my fair share. Camera batteries dead or I would share some photos. Did I mention the great food? I’ll be back.
    – Tom

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