Big things happening at mango Creek Lodge

Hello everyone, we at Mango Creek, as you say in the last blog have a new investor. We are extremely happy to be part of Janie and Autie’s world. We have so many projects now I don’t know where to start.

Cabana 5 and 6: We are in fact building them now, will have them completed by Feb 9th. They will be, when completed, fully ADA approved to the best of our ability. That means we will be able to welcome our wounded warriors as well as others. They will be set out about the same way as our other cabanas with about the same space. They will have marine flushing toilets instead of composting toilets.


Tree Houses: We will be going right on to constructing two tree houses when the cabanas are done. They will be five sided, making them ” Penthouse Tree Houses”. they will be slightly smaller than the cabanas over the water but still have the same facilities.  in addition they will have bridges like Swiss Family Robinson. I have this image in my head of being up in the trees, lying in bed in the morning watching the humming birds visit the feeder, then standing up and the panoramic view of the sea and Lime Cay comes to view. We hope to have some fun things in them too, like a fireman’s pole to get down quick and a dumb waiter for getting luggage up.


Solar Power: We will be adding new panels to our system to have more power. This will make us more efficient and more Eco friendly than our 5 star system that we already have.


Wind Generators: We think we have a solution to getting a lot more efficiency from our wind generators.


Toilets: One of the companies we are now part of is Marine Sanitation Inc. They are dealers for Marine toilets and sanitation systems. In the near future we will be designing a “Red Fox” sanitation system. This will eliminate our composting toilets, for you that do not know these new fantastic systems process waste and supply fresh clean water for the garden areas.


Other Projects: We are committed to trying to get away from Diesel Generators. We hope to install a ” Over Shot Water Wheel” to generate Hydro Electric Power from our creek. We are not sure if this is possible or not but we are looking into it. Better solar heaters for water. Incinerator to cleanly dispose of garden and paper waste. This might also generate some power or heat water.

I will be posting progress pictures a bit later. Maybe some new cabana pics right away. please watch the blogs for more news, and start planning your trip down to see now.   Terry

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