Hard Fighting Jacks

DCIM100GOPROWe had a fun visit with Scott from Arkansas , here to fly fish the flats for Bonefish and Permit.

I know this pictures isn’t either one, but sometimes when a big jack takes the fly you just gotta play him in. Even if he breaks your rod. It put up a huge fight and Scott eventually had to bring him in by hand after the rod snapped.  That’s  a hardcore fisherman right there, made for a great story and a great picture. Scott we look forward to your next trip down, thanks for spending your week here with us at Mango Creek

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Whats for Dinner?

Well  thanks to Bob and Diane, it was wahoo for dinner.  Nice catch Bob, 85 pounds of Wahoo, and we can tell by those smiles you loved every minute of it. Thanks for coming and spending your day fishing with us, we look forward to your next big catch.

Wahoo 2

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“Wonderful Spot”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy family (20,22 and 50s) had a fabulous time at Mango Creek Lodge. The cabanas are lovely and they really do look like the photos. We stayed in the double and it was private from kids but also right together. Perfect!
We sailed, snorkelled, kayaked, swam and fished. We also did a ton of reading and relaxing. We learned some new card games and increased our darts skills! The other guests and Doc/DD were heaps of fun to hang around with and we spent many hours talking about experiences we each had had around the world. The food was fantastic and they accommodated our special diet restrictions without any problems.
Doc and DD have made this place very special. Everything is spotless and in good order. The atmosphere is totally relaxed and guest focused. They were willing to help us do anything we desired.
The weather wasn’t great with only one day of sunshine but it really didn’t matter. We did everything anyway and we didn’t get skin cancer!
I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to do something a little different and who wanted to get away from it all. Be as active as you want or read and sleep all day. They are there to make whatever happen.

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First Tarpon on the Fly

TarponFirst Tarpon on the Fly….Awesome!!!!

Patrick and his first Tarpon on the fly, are you sure you haven’t done this before? Great guests, Patrick and his wife Jenny spent a beautiful week at Mango Creek Lodge. Yes we had a little rain…. and Pat dared the fish to come out and play on the flats anyway. Off the dock , from the kayak, on the flats or standing in the boat, he was the happiest fisherman I’ve met yet, and apparently the fish thought so too. They were great guests who brought an abundance of life to the lodge, great conversations and some serious cribbage competition, and perhaps more than a couple rounds of serious darts.  Pat and Jenny have travelled many parts of Central America, and fished and surfed most of the best spots, good travellers, great company and we look forward to your return

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Truly Amazing

My boyfriend and I stayed for two days and one night ….would have stayed longer if we could have. A great place you cant find any where else. Doc and DD have done a great job with the property, the land, ocean, and the staff…..true eco-lodging at its best. Absolutely most amazing food too. Mike, our fishing guide was fantastic….patient with my low level skills…he had me reeling in some big fish (they were big to me at least). He was great taking us to all his good spots sure get us hooked up with some big fish! Thank you Doc and DD!!

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The Best Day Trip Ever!

I was more than just a little pleased to have such a great day, complete with fast boat transportation, a very competent and patient guide and spectacular surroundings. Then to top it off with a delicious lunch of fresh Wahoo and delicately fried Shrimp … that’s knocking it out of the park!
Just four weeks from a complete Hip-Replacement Surgery, my guide, Michael, assisted me in and out of the boat, over the rockier areas and was a fantastic teacher as we chased schools of Bonefish.
I’ve sent the photo below to all my fishing pals and couldn’t be happier with the accommodations and the entire day… Looking forward to our stay in the Spring.
Cheers! Tim Thompson

 Tim, you and your wife were great fun, full of energy and excitement. I’m so happy Mango Creek could provide your first Bonefish on the fly, that’s awesome. Can’t wait to have you stay this spring, maybe we can pull a Grand Slam? Maybe A Super Slam?

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More Honeymoon Guests

 We recently had another  wonderful couple spend their Honeymoon with us. Christine and Andrew, got married in Canada and headed for warmer Roatan.  Upon arrival they found their bed sprinkled with flower petals. Chilled champagne, and Chocolates on the dresser.

It’s amazing just how much relaxing is possible here at Mango Creek Lodge, and these two set the bar pretty high for knowing how to slow down and just enjoy the quiet beauty of the island. They had their first snorkelling experience at Pigeon Cays, and lounged peacefully on the sands in their hand dug beach seats. A great kayaking trip was made out to Cow and Calf Cays close by , and they both took turns trying to get fish in the boat on their Day fishing trip with our guide Michael.   Thank you for spending your Honeymoon with us here at Mango Creek, we love positive, happy people, who know how to be in love and love life island style.

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Awesome Father-Daughter Dive Team

 Ken and Annalyse, the father daughter adventure duo came to see us from upstate N.Y.  They quickly settled right into the Mango Creek way of life, Lobster for dinner, pineapple pancakes for breakfast, and days filled with fun. Diving almost every day of their week long stay, they still managed to find time to roam around the large property. Had a great trip out to Pigeon Cay for some beach lounging and snorkelling, and just to top it off they spent a day out fishing with one of our fantastic guides. They had many wonderful adventures to share and filled our evenings with great stories and good conversation. We’d love to show you a picture of both of them but somebody seemed to be behind the camera every time. We can’t wait to have them visit again, and I promise Annalyse …yes there will be as many mangos as you can eat.

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Jonathan and Marta Honeymoon at Mango Creek

 Fresh off  the airplane and celebrating their love, Jonathan and Marta came to spend their honeymoon at Mango Creek.  They had the whole place to themselves  for the entire week, a beautiful, romantic roof top dinner, and a fantastic trip to snorkel and play at Pigeon Cays. They also enjoyed a discover dive with our dive master and we are sure they will be back for more.   These two brought lots of love and joy to Mango Creek, young, happy, and full of life. We all wish you the very best for many years to come.

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Fly or Spin ?

Thanks mostly to Michael our guide we are experiencing something totally new! Spin fishing only with a twist that I cannot tell you about. The thing is that guests who would normally not fish while here are going wild with it. Picture if you can your wife and yourself maybe even one of the older kids all going fishing. At first nothing happens, but shortly fish start hitting minnows around the boat. Michael makes you wait a bit to be sure they are there, then he helps you send out a cast and for the next few hours the fishing goes crazy. Snapper, Grouper, Wahoo, Kings, Spanish Mackerel, even an 80 pound sailfish and some reef sharks, as well as big Barracuda. There are lots of fish the guests don’t even see, they just take the hook and leave, no amount of drag or pressure can stop whatever they are, they just take off. Have you ever caught the bumper on a Volkswagon . Well that is how it feels. The great news is that Michael has taught the other guides his methods and they are all having great days.

We have been doing our thing and we are still getting great fly fishing, but come try your hand at twenty pound Tuna hitting every cast for an afternoon. We have new fish recipes too so when you bring the fish home guess what we eat for dinner?

76 pound Wahoo caught a few years ago

Needle fish are fun to catch


Scotty and Blue Runner


If this looks fun to you come check us out. The fishing is great.

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A great Chemistry

For those of you that have been here, you will understand that my wife being from Missouri originally, will correct every exaggerated statement I say. Now before you say anything please understand that I never let the truth get in the way of a good story and perhaps having a wife like this could be a good thing. Now picture if you can another couple who are exactly the same only in their case she is like me and he is like Patrice in that he, being from Missouri, corrects her exaggerations. This made for an unusual chemistry and we want to tell everyone we had a great time as we saw the others faults quite quickly. That is what you do when you get our age. So our other guests this week were subjected to constant corrections and constant tall tales but we had a great time. Marty and Anne were great troupers, Marty learned to follow Patrice while snorkeling and Anne and I kept each other alive while in deep water. I hope Marty will send photos so we can show how great a dive week he and Anne had and here is a photo of our chemistry twins Joe and Elaine. Thank you all four for a great time. Terry

Joe and Elaine

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OH what a great fishing day! Another Super Grand Slam!

OK you fishermen out there Joe Boske was here yesterday and it was one of those great days we all live and pray for. 2 Permit, 7 Snook, 8 Bonefish, 1 Tarpon. All on a fly while fishing here as a day fisherman with Michael. I hope to have pictures later this week and will get them up ASAP.

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MCL a place to make memories.

A father a daughter and a son spent a week making memories. With Mango Creek being remote and very Eco minded it makes for a great place to bond and make memories, far from the crowd and modern day interruptions. Into our quiet came Richard, his daughter Melody and son Tristan. What a nice group from the staff point of view, always friendly well mannered and just nice to be around. They snorkeled, fished, played Farkle,ate great food and just generally enjoyed themselves. We love them here and hope they return soon. Here are some of their photos.



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Super Slam!

Steven Goossens caught a super slam on the Fly at Mango Creek yesterday. I will have pictures later this week I hope. Congrats Steven, well done.

Here is the Permit picture! hey Steven where is the 40 pound Tarpon picture?

Permit enroute to Super Slam!

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New Cabana

Well the cabana number 5 and 6 are here and working. Not to say they are completely finished but they are working. We still need hand rails on the dock leading there and lights on the handrail. Then we will get going on stuff to make them ADA Approved ( wheel chair accessible). Here are some shots of the process.


Now here is what it looks like.


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Sonya & Konrad from Toronto

Recent guests from Toronto had a great week at Mango Creek Lodge and they sent some photos for you all to see.


Four over the water cabanas taken from the new Cabana.




Sonya and Konrad on the boathouse roof deck.






Sonya meets, More and Less the two Amazon Parrots.






Konrad takes a sunset snorkel.






A water spout, a fairly common sight in the Bay Islands.

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Update on Mango Creek Lodge

Hello everyone, the new cabana is available. We are still adding finishing touches but it is up and beautiful. It will be for families and also handicapped.

New Cabana


In this picture we had not installed all the white trim yet. The hand rails are also in the mail, would I lie to you? This cabana has flush toilet and larger bathrooms. New King Coil deluxe beds and on demand hot water from propane. They have the same vaulted ceiling as the other cabanas.

Waiting for you!










The bed skirts are also in the mail.

Other news: The solar panels are here, 24 new 245 watt solar panels. This will be a huge help in our continued march toward no Diesel generator. We also finally have our 2 KW wind generator working! I cannot say enough about our Eco and sustainability for our energy needs. If anyone is planning on a solar electric addition you might want to come see what we are doing here. The ultimate plan for Mango Creek Lodge is for a further 5 Tree houses some ready by this fall. All running on solar and wind with minimal diesel generator backup. People, yes it is a little easier to do this down in the tropics, but some alternate energy need to come into everyone’s life and now is the time. We started in 1996 when panels cost $500.00 each, and gave 47 Watts.  The new panels are slightly larger but give 245 Watts and cost about $210.00 each. The technology has been incredible, they also have new MPPT charge controllers that give up to 30% more usable power.

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Oh what a week we had!

The new cabanas are officially Christened and for the most part worked out well. They of course will need some tweeking, not to mention more work on mouldings etc. etc.. We had twelve guests visit for the week and we had a lot of fun. The guests jelled into a group almost magically. We had fishermen, Divers, and a whole lot of people just having fun. They tell me our food is too good and too much of it, they just could not resist. Dalia started a new dish one morning and it went over extremely well, Lobster Benedict, and boy you need to try that! I believe a great time was had by all and here is a photo shoot to prove it. Hope you guys come back soon. Terry

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What about Bob?

Bob or Robert Singelyn  is a dentist from Michigan and a bit of a legend up there for his success rate with Steelhead. Over the years Bob has been visiting Mango Creek with his wife and family. We just love these guests, they are easy keepers enthusiastic about things and we and the staff love to see them arrive. Last week they visited the Island but did not stay with us, now I’m not saying that this why his wife got hurt but there are no empty swimming pools here!

Bob came day fishing and here are some of his pictures. He was well on his way to catching the biggest Grand Slam ever at Mango Creek. When you start with a 10 pound Bonefish, follow by getting a 25 pound Permit, you would almost say its in the bag. Well the Tarpon had a bit to say about that and the 30 pound plus Tarpon that Bob hooked got off fifteen minutes into the fight and the Grand Slam was gone. Bob left and went home early to be with his injured wife at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. Hey guys and Gals there are not many Fisher people who would head home early that close to the Grand Slam. Our hats are off to you Bob and we hope Diane is feeling better soon, you really have a great guy.

Permit at Mango Creek Lodge

It's about the fish isn't it Bob!

Huge Bonefish at Mango Creek with Michael

Big Bonefish at Mango Creek








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Tree Houses at Mango Creek Lodge

Building the new cabanas

Many people when visiting Mango Creek have seen my start of building a tree house, a five sided tree house, or a Pent Tree House! Pardon the humor but what I was looking at creating is more rooms with a view. When standing in the tree houses the front pointed part will be looking over the coastal bush and bamboo and having a panorama of the ocean. All the while being set back in the trees. I picture being able to watch the humming birds on the front porch while laying in bed.

New Tree House design



I am hoping that the new tree houses will be fun and exactly what people are looking for when not wanting to be over the water. We hope to have a dumb waiter for bags and stuff and maybe even a fireman’s pole to slide down. They will be equipped with shower, bathroom etc. and will have a four foot deck out front. There will be four built eventually but two right away. Plan to have them available before June.

The other thing happening at Mango Creek is we are going SUPER ECO. While we are one of very few places in the world that have our amount of sustainability we are going even greener. Plans are for a water wheel electric generator, a incinerator generator and we are expecting 24 new solar panels in the next little while. All this is to get us off the diesel generator.

We will also be eliminating the composting toilets and will be putting in two new sewage systems. These toilets have been great but sitting on that high thrown will be a thing of the past soon.

Please check in every once and a while to see how these projects are going, or better yet come have a gander for yourself.




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