Meanwhile we just keep getting great fishing!

Nice Bonefish Adam


Michael and Adam had a great but windy day yesterday with four large bonefish. Recent times have seen a bonefish over 9 pounds, they seem to be getting bigger or we are getting better. Way to go Adam and Michael.

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Big things happening at mango Creek Lodge

Hello everyone, we at Mango Creek, as you say in the last blog have a new investor. We are extremely happy to be part of Janie and Autie’s world. We have so many projects now I don’t know where to start.

Cabana 5 and 6: We are in fact building them now, will have them completed by Feb 9th. They will be, when completed, fully ADA approved to the best of our ability. That means we will be able to welcome our wounded warriors as well as others. They will be set out about the same way as our other cabanas with about the same space. They will have marine flushing toilets instead of composting toilets.


Tree Houses: We will be going right on to constructing two tree houses when the cabanas are done. They will be five sided, making them ” Penthouse Tree Houses”. they will be slightly smaller than the cabanas over the water but still have the same facilities.  in addition they will have bridges like Swiss Family Robinson. I have this image in my head of being up in the trees, lying in bed in the morning watching the humming birds visit the feeder, then standing up and the panoramic view of the sea and Lime Cay comes to view. We hope to have some fun things in them too, like a fireman’s pole to get down quick and a dumb waiter for getting luggage up.


Solar Power: We will be adding new panels to our system to have more power. This will make us more efficient and more Eco friendly than our 5 star system that we already have.


Wind Generators: We think we have a solution to getting a lot more efficiency from our wind generators.


Toilets: One of the companies we are now part of is Marine Sanitation Inc. They are dealers for Marine toilets and sanitation systems. In the near future we will be designing a “Red Fox” sanitation system. This will eliminate our composting toilets, for you that do not know these new fantastic systems process waste and supply fresh clean water for the garden areas.


Other Projects: We are committed to trying to get away from Diesel Generators. We hope to install a ” Over Shot Water Wheel” to generate Hydro Electric Power from our creek. We are not sure if this is possible or not but we are looking into it. Better solar heaters for water. Incinerator to cleanly dispose of garden and paper waste. This might also generate some power or heat water.

I will be posting progress pictures a bit later. Maybe some new cabana pics right away. please watch the blogs for more news, and start planning your trip down to see now.   Terry

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Hey we are hopping at Mango Creek with new stuff and People!

You may know by now that Autie and Janie McVicker are participating in Mango Creek Lodge. They are long time sailors like ourselves and have business in the US and Honduras. We met up over the usual chit chat and sips at the restaurant here at MCL. They had been building their home on the island and had visited Port Royal many times since the 1980’s.  Well, you guessed it. They wanted in and we allowed it so we can continue to serve our clients while improving the grounds and equipment. Autie has said some things you may be interested to hear.  Their commitment here is based on the joy they feel when here and a belief that many more years of smiles are in the offing.


Things will remain the same here at MCL as we want you comfortable, full of good food and grinning ear to ear from a fishing trip or day snorkeling or diving. You may even be interested in two significant developments in the works now. First, we are adding another, larger over the water cabana which will be handicapped friendly and can also fit a whole family for their vacation. Second, the tree houses are coming along. Two of these elevated cabins will be situated near the waterfall and have connecting walkways near the tree tops!  Can’t wait for you to try ‘em out.



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Patrick and Lauren were married just about a week ago and traveled from Tallahassee to Mango Creek Lodge for their Honeymoon.

Romantic Dinner under the stars!

Well it turned into a Very exciting week. First there was the close approach of Hurricane Ernesto. Ernesto passed about two hundred miles North of Roatan and all was well. Some rain fell but all in all a good thing. Then there was the Earthquake a 4.3 power quake that shook the restaurants and cabana, but it was again a minor thing thank goodness. The weather somewhat cleared and we all went snorkeling. In our snorkel area we found some locals with a gil net which is against the law so we had to yell at them, so they withdrew and we saved a lot of fish from certain death. A gill net kills all species of fish and the waist is incredible, in some cases 10 fish killed for every usable fish. Thank goodness they are illegal. Patrick and Lauren had a great day down Island, walking the beach in West Bay, with no cruise ships it is wonderful. The next day Michael took them for a day at the Pigeon Cays for Picnic and snorkeling. On the way there they encountered a pod of Wild Bottlenose Dolphin and Michael got them close enough to actually snorkel with them, what a great experience. On their last full day we heard of a turtle net strung across a long distance in Port Royal. So with the help of Patrick and Lauren we went and destroyed the net. This net is also illegal here but with little infrastructure I believe it falls to us the concerned people to do our part to protect wildlife and especially turtles.

So to sum up the week, we had Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Gil Net removal, Beach walks, Pigeon Cay tours, Mangrove Dorey ride, Dolphin snorkel, Turtle net removal and to top it all off a romantic Lobster dinner under the stars on our boathouse roof. I think we got them started in their life as a married couple quite well thank you.

Best of luck in all your endeavors Patrick and Lauren Gines.

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Hello out there, just thought I’d say hello from Paradise. All is well here, we have had a steady but small trickle of guests and fishermen. The fishing has been great we have been getting steady catches of Bonefish and quite a few Permit. There have not been too many Tarpon but mostly because we haven’t been after them in a while. Michael Mascha from Southern Texas was back for a week here are some of his photos:

Michael’s pictures are on our FaceBook page for MangoCreekLodge so please have a look.

It is now fix up time with all the varnishing going on as well as boat fix up. We are set and ready for any storms we might have so please book with us soon for the coming season. Terry

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OK, time for a Lodge report.

All is well at Mango Creek Lodge, we are seeing an increase in visitors, does this mean the economy is improving or did people just decide to have a holiday anyway, That is the question. We are optimistic that things are slowly getting better. Let us all hope we are right.


We have lots of projects underway. The fishing boats are being repaired and painted, new super looking stripes. Walter has been busy doing his creative painting.

Walter doing his thing!

We are slowly progressing on our two new Cabanas. We are planning on them being wheel chair accessible, this will require the water flush toilets instead of our composting ones in the other cabanas so we have built all the septic tanks ready for the two toilets. We plan on building the cabana and hope to have them available to guests by November. As well as being great for wheelchairs will be super for families and even just two couples. The front deck will be shared allowing a separate place for families or friends to relax. In addition to the boats we also have redone the lift rack for the fishing boats.

Paint job and new Rack

The fishing has been great, we are seeing bigger bonefish. I am not sure why this is but hope it continues. now is the time of higher water levels so the Permit are on the flats, they are just as picky but you see more and we catch more this time of year and again in September when waters rise again. The truly amazing fishing bews is that we are seeing more and larger Snook. Usually by this time of year they are gone, but we got a fish over 12 pounds. That is a great fish for here on a fly rod, sorry no pictures.

OK it is coming onto summer up north but this is still a great place for a holiday so come see what we have to offer.


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Nigel, Vee, John and daughter Katie

All the way from the UK, they came they fished, they had a great time. Nigel and Vee had been here before but they brought along John and Katie. I am hoping John will send along some photos of their stay. The first picture shows guide Perry holding a beautiful Bar Jack and don’t be fooled these things fight hard!







This next shot shows Katie enjoying her hammock.







Nigel got a nice Permit while here.







Dalia’s special fish tea served in a fresh unripe coconut, it is becoming world famous!







Thanks Nigel for the photos, hope you come back again soon.

John and Kate have sent their photos.

One of Kate's Baracudas

John with a nice Bonefish











Giant Baracuda, glad they got that one away from the flat, they eat a lot of bonefish!

Good size!









Believe it or not but this one is probably the biggest bone ever caught here, but they saw bigger ones!

Big Bonefish















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Hello out there, we have just had a first! Last night a couple staying with us were given a romantic dinner up on the boathouse roof. Now for those who have never had this it is a once in a lifetime thing. The wind was blowing and clouds were scuttling across the full moon when Forest dropped to his knee and asked Leslie to be his, presenting her with a family heirloom with beautiful diamond. Let me tell you Dalia was witness to him proposing and there was very few dry eyes at Mango Creek Lodge last night. This little extra that was dreamed up to be a special night for guests has hit an all time high. Patrice and I hope that Forest and Leslie have every happiness in the world, and thank them for the honor of our first wedding announcement. I will try and get some photos of the happy couple soon.

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Katie and Mike

Oh sorry for those of you trying to get us our internet has been down for over a week.

Katie and Mike were here for their vacation and had a great time. We just loved this young couple. They snorkeled, Scuba Dove, Fished and just had a great time, here are some of their photos, hope you come back soon you two.

Katie and Mike with Lobster Dinner under the stars.










African Pompano









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A Great Holiday

Dom from England was here and stole the hearts of my young kitchen staff. he was on a bit of a walk about and we were lucky enough to have him visit Mango Creek Lodge for a brief stay. Although not a serious fisherman he did go fishing one day and here are some shots of the day he had. We all hope you will come back again Dom we miss you already!

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They’re Back and 5 Permit later!!!

Firstly sorry for not having more reports, my guests have let me down either by not sending pictures to me or forgetting to bring a camera!

Peter and Zoe were back last week and had two wonderful days fishing with Perry. The results were stunning with five Permit in just two days. The best part was that in the photos you can see the lodge in the background. Not all were caught here at the lodge but the photos I have are of the Permit caught and landed right beside Mango Creek Lodge.

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Honduras News Reports

Hello everyone, I am getting a lot of inquiries about safety in Honduras. So I thought it is best I do an update. First of all Honduras in the mainland and particularly the big cities are not safe. Can you travel through them? Yes, you can if you use common sense, follow a couple rules: number one, Do not travel at night! number two, know the area where you are going or use a recommended guide or Taxi. number three, watch your stuff, do not carry a lot of cash, don’t flash cash, put cameras away when not in use, like I say use common sense.

There is very little of the violence aimed at tourists, doing illegal activities will put you among the very people you should avoid. Using illegal drugs will put you at risk. Honduras is a wonderful place and the nature here is second to none, there are more cloud forests and rain forests than anywhere else in the world I think but they are undeveloped and take more research and preparation than say Costa Rica.

Roatan is another thing all together. First it is 35 miles from the mainland, it is not as poor as the mainland. We still have a lot of poor people, but the tourism is starting to produce a middle class. There is very little violent crime on Roatan and the areas where it might happen is not typically where tourists go.

Mango Creek Lodge is far from the madding crowd, there are no roads to Mango Creek and we are situated in an area of mostly rural life. We have never had a violence problem ever, we have had some minor theft over the years but surprisingly little. If you come to mango creek I think you will find that there is never a question of safety, all our guests so far have found us comfortable and safe.


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Invasive Species Removal

Hello, hope everyone had a great holiday season. We had a great one here, two families one very much into fishing the other into Eco activities. I hope to have some photos soon to show you.

We are at work removing the Australian Pines that have reached an incredible height and are now ruining our view. We have a crew here who will take the trees down and will then prepare them for use as lumber, I have been assured that it is very strong and hard and hope to use it on the building we will be doing. Invasive means they are not native to the Island, a previous caretaker planted them about eight years ago and they are taking over. I apologize to my neighbors if the are spreading their seeds over to them. They are messy too with long pine like needles. please look at this link:

Invasive species 2 is the Lion Fish. Last week we joined five sailboat crews who were anchored here to go and spear Lion Fish. We got quite a few and then we ate them. If you are careful to remove the spines with shears they may be handled and cleaned and are very good eating. I hope to get a license myself so that I can do my part in slowing down this destructive fish. please read this web page


The spiny, venomous lionfish. Michael Dwyer/AP

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A Giant From the Sea

a very large King Helmet


Patrice, found what may in fact be a world record King Helmet while snorkeling. The book identifies that they have a maximum size of 12 ” well this one goes at least 16″. These beautiful shells are wanted for ornaments but we are pleased to say that for the time being he or she has been placed where we hope we can keep an eye on to keep it safe. These critters are predators and eat things like urchins and Sea Biscuits. They can bury themselves completely in the sand.

beautiful King Helmet

Some people carve these white shells with intricate cameo designs. They are for sale to cruise ship passengers down Island.



Patrice, snorkel mask marks and all, with King Helmet

I have to confess that we have a Cameo carved shell on the bar, but this one is still walking about in the Sea.




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Huntingdon College visit!

Well we made it and I believe a great time was had by all. The Saturday that Huntingdon College of Montgomery Alabama arrived was a rainy day, a very rainy day. The adventure realy started as we watched the Delta flight from Atlanta try to land but could not get it done. So our 14 guests we wisked off to Belize City where the plane took on extra fuel. The flight then touched down at about 4:30pm about three hours late. This put us in the situation of ferrying our guests to Mango Creek in the rain and early dark. This group took it well and there was a sense of adventure and not fear which was great. We fed this tired hungry crew and settled in for the night. It rained all night and most of the next day. Instead of being depressed this group made the best of things and were jumping from the boathouse roof and kayaking in the rain. I will be posting more soon and expect to receive a full set of Blogs from the students themselves, right after Christmas.

In the mean time we have some guests arriving today and two more later, then next week the cabanas are full with the arrival of the same two families that were here for Christmas last year. So everyone out there please have a great Holiday Season and watch for more blogs coming soon.

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Lodge report 9/11/2011

Hello from the rainy tropics. Tropical Storm and later Hurricane Rina is now a memory, a very wet memory. It was reported that our area received over a ten day period about four feet of rain. Now for you that have never experienced this tropical downpour, thank the lord for that. Rain falls in the tropics and at times we just cannot believe that there is that much water or that the rain can stay at that intensity for as long as it does. It rains so hard that some kind of water shed is necessary or breathing gets tough, I kid you not there are times that it rains so hard that having a baseball cap is a necessity.

I do need to say at this point that all is well here at Mango Creek Lodge. We have had to rethink our plans on building or at least completing building of cabana five and six. Shortages of diesel were the first blow to our plans, some of the supply ships did not get here so we had to ration diesel. Thank goodness we installed those new solar panels and that allowed us even in low sunlight days to stay charged and not need as much diesel as usual. We have most of the beautiful hardwood sawn and ready for making our lovely louvered windows and doors.

The fishing continues to amaze all of our few guests who brave this weather, Tarpon catches and Permit catches have been fantastic. I hope to have some pictures and a report for later this week as we have some fishermen from our hometown ( Durango, Colorado ) out fishing today.

Now comes the final prep for the approach of Holiday Season and one of our busiest times of the year. we are also getting excited to receive Huntingdon College from Montgomery in December. For guests that are coming again please get booked as soon as possible and don’t forget to remind us that you are returning so we give that discount that you earn.

Thanks, Terry

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Wet jungle

Well we are getting torrential rains from what might become a tropical depression, located on the border between Honduras and Nicaragua and just offshore. The rain hit early we do not usually get this much rain till November but I guess it is close enough. The good news is that the rain brings lots of Tarpon and Snook to our shores. The other good thing is that it cools us and more importantly our ocean water. This makes for better snorkeling after the storm and lessens the chance of a big storm coming our way. Notice I say lessens not stops. The jungle is a bright vivid green with lots of our most fragrant flowers about to bloom. We have decided not to build the new cabanas just now, they will have to wait for drier weather.

In other news, the airlines have better prices right now so do get your booking in soon. For those of you that have been here before remember to let us know that you have been here because I have a poor memory of names, you will then be given our special discount to returning customers. Terry

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Austrian Grand Slam

Early Friday morning Kessel our Mango Creek fishing guide took Michael and Christian, brothers from Austria out fishing. By 9:30 am they were back for breakfast and Michael had caught a Grand Slam. This is the quickest caught grand Slam in Mango Creek Lodge history.

fishing along the edge of the Island


Their wives relaxed at Mango Creek while the boys fished.

Relaxing on the boathouse roof

A wonderful week for all four with fishing snorkeling and Pigeon Cays trip and it all came down to Friday morning with the culmination of the week a Grand Slam. Here are the photos.


Michael with nice size Bonefish







Michael with early morning Tarpon on 8wt.

Michael with Permit for Grand Slam!







That permit was his second of the week!

Nice permit right in front of Mango Creek Lodge

In truth Michael and his wife now live in South Texas and Christian and his wife live in Vienna Austria, all I know is that they were wonderful guests and we want them to come back to Mango Creek soon.

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Big Bonefish & More

Adam is back and his beginners luck is starting to get even stronger. Adam will freely admit he is a beginner and his earlier grand slam was just being in the right place at the right time, but this week he has continued. Day by day he has been hammering big bonefish, his average bonefish must be about four pounds. The smallest yesterday was 2.5 pounds and there were at least four over six pounds. He is out again this morning and has photos. I will see if I can get some and show you his amazing run of success. The weather has been picture perfect light winds scattered clouds clear water, it just doesn’t get any better. All this in spite of a full moon, and everyone knows the fishing is lousy on a full moon, right?????

Nice Bone








Another bone








A safe release

Then on the way Home they found a school of Tuna rising!

ity bity but the fastest to the fly








Then before Breakfast this morning Michael put Adam on a very nice fish, caught on a fly and eight weight rod. Well done Adam!

Jumping Tarpon

about 30 lbs or a bit more


Happy Adam!

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Permit Time at Mango Creek Lodge

Permit Time at Mango Creek lodge

Hi there, just a quick reminder that for anyone brave enough to risk tropical storms and stuff Now is the best time for Permit. We are seeing school after school and last week we landed a bunch. We have been seeing fish in the +20 pound range. Remember we still have our deal on so try to get here soon, air flights are going to go higher so come now.

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