A Giant From the Sea

a very large King Helmet


Patrice, found what may in fact be a world record King Helmet while snorkeling. The book identifies that they have a maximum size of 12 ” well this one goes at least 16″. These beautiful shells are wanted for ornaments but we are pleased to say that for the time being he or she has been placed where we hope we can keep an eye on to keep it safe. These critters are predators and eat things like urchins and Sea Biscuits. They can bury themselves completely in the sand.

beautiful King Helmet

Some people carve these white shells with intricate cameo designs. They are for sale to cruise ship passengers down Island.



Patrice, snorkel mask marks and all, with King Helmet

I have to confess that we have a Cameo carved shell on the bar, but this one is still walking about in the Sea.




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Huntingdon College visit!

Well we made it and I believe a great time was had by all. The Saturday that Huntingdon College of Montgomery Alabama arrived was a rainy day, a very rainy day. The adventure realy started as we watched the Delta flight from Atlanta try to land but could not get it done. So our 14 guests we wisked off to Belize City where the plane took on extra fuel. The flight then touched down at about 4:30pm about three hours late. This put us in the situation of ferrying our guests to Mango Creek in the rain and early dark. This group took it well and there was a sense of adventure and not fear which was great. We fed this tired hungry crew and settled in for the night. It rained all night and most of the next day. Instead of being depressed this group made the best of things and were jumping from the boathouse roof and kayaking in the rain. I will be posting more soon and expect to receive a full set of Blogs from the students themselves, right after Christmas.

In the mean time we have some guests arriving today and two more later, then next week the cabanas are full with the arrival of the same two families that were here for Christmas last year. So everyone out there please have a great Holiday Season and watch for more blogs coming soon.

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Lodge report 9/11/2011

Hello from the rainy tropics. Tropical Storm and later Hurricane Rina is now a memory, a very wet memory. It was reported that our area received over a ten day period about four feet of rain. Now for you that have never experienced this tropical downpour, thank the lord for that. Rain falls in the tropics and at times we just cannot believe that there is that much water or that the rain can stay at that intensity for as long as it does. It rains so hard that some kind of water shed is necessary or breathing gets tough, I kid you not there are times that it rains so hard that having a baseball cap is a necessity.

I do need to say at this point that all is well here at Mango Creek Lodge. We have had to rethink our plans on building or at least completing building of cabana five and six. Shortages of diesel were the first blow to our plans, some of the supply ships did not get here so we had to ration diesel. Thank goodness we installed those new solar panels and that allowed us even in low sunlight days to stay charged and not need as much diesel as usual. We have most of the beautiful hardwood sawn and ready for making our lovely louvered windows and doors.

The fishing continues to amaze all of our few guests who brave this weather, Tarpon catches and Permit catches have been fantastic. I hope to have some pictures and a report for later this week as we have some fishermen from our hometown ( Durango, Colorado ) out fishing today.

Now comes the final prep for the approach of Holiday Season and one of our busiest times of the year. we are also getting excited to receive Huntingdon College from Montgomery in December. For guests that are coming again please get booked as soon as possible and don’t forget to remind us that you are returning so we give that discount that you earn.

Thanks, Terry

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Wet jungle

Well we are getting torrential rains from what might become a tropical depression, located on the border between Honduras and Nicaragua and just offshore. The rain hit early we do not usually get this much rain till November but I guess it is close enough. The good news is that the rain brings lots of Tarpon and Snook to our shores. The other good thing is that it cools us and more importantly our ocean water. This makes for better snorkeling after the storm and lessens the chance of a big storm coming our way. Notice I say lessens not stops. The jungle is a bright vivid green with lots of our most fragrant flowers about to bloom. We have decided not to build the new cabanas just now, they will have to wait for drier weather.

In other news, the airlines have better prices right now so do get your booking in soon. For those of you that have been here before remember to let us know that you have been here because I have a poor memory of names, you will then be given our special discount to returning customers. Terry

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Austrian Grand Slam

Early Friday morning Kessel our Mango Creek fishing guide took Michael and Christian, brothers from Austria out fishing. By 9:30 am they were back for breakfast and Michael had caught a Grand Slam. This is the quickest caught grand Slam in Mango Creek Lodge history.

fishing along the edge of the Island


Their wives relaxed at Mango Creek while the boys fished.

Relaxing on the boathouse roof

A wonderful week for all four with fishing snorkeling and Pigeon Cays trip and it all came down to Friday morning with the culmination of the week a Grand Slam. Here are the photos.


Michael with nice size Bonefish







Michael with early morning Tarpon on 8wt.

Michael with Permit for Grand Slam!







That permit was his second of the week!

Nice permit right in front of Mango Creek Lodge

In truth Michael and his wife now live in South Texas and Christian and his wife live in Vienna Austria, all I know is that they were wonderful guests and we want them to come back to Mango Creek soon.

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Big Bonefish & More

Adam is back and his beginners luck is starting to get even stronger. Adam will freely admit he is a beginner and his earlier grand slam was just being in the right place at the right time, but this week he has continued. Day by day he has been hammering big bonefish, his average bonefish must be about four pounds. The smallest yesterday was 2.5 pounds and there were at least four over six pounds. He is out again this morning and has photos. I will see if I can get some and show you his amazing run of success. The weather has been picture perfect light winds scattered clouds clear water, it just doesn’t get any better. All this in spite of a full moon, and everyone knows the fishing is lousy on a full moon, right?????

Nice Bone








Another bone








A safe release

Then on the way Home they found a school of Tuna rising!

ity bity but the fastest to the fly








Then before Breakfast this morning Michael put Adam on a very nice fish, caught on a fly and eight weight rod. Well done Adam!

Jumping Tarpon

about 30 lbs or a bit more


Happy Adam!

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Permit Time at Mango Creek Lodge

Permit Time at Mango Creek lodge

Hi there, just a quick reminder that for anyone brave enough to risk tropical storms and stuff Now is the best time for Permit. We are seeing school after school and last week we landed a bunch. We have been seeing fish in the +20 pound range. Remember we still have our deal on so try to get here soon, air flights are going to go higher so come now.

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Solar, Power, and Lodge update

Ten new panels are installed and we are getting much more power. Unfortunately at the same time our old inverters decided that they needed to retire. So we are waiting for two new Outback power inverters that may even fetch up today. I will be posting a photo log of the inverter installation soon.

New Double Cabana

The big news is that we are going to complete the new cabanas #5 and #6 that we started two years ago. The septic is going in as I write this and the water and electric should be roughed in soon. We are waiting for the 6×6 for the corners but they will be here next week. The design of these cabanas is to feature two new thoughts. One is that they will be a sort of duplex and in this way be a terrific platform for friends travelling together and families, Max and family will be staying in them over Christmas. The other feature is that they will be wheelchair accessible. I am hoping to allow some of the great sportsmen who may be handicapped to come and enjoy what we have to offer. We will be changing docks etc. to make getting around in a chair easy. Our staff will be coached to anticipate the needs of these guests.

I will keep you all up to date with pictures as the construction goes along.

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Best three days of fishing in my life!

Sharon and Dave were here from Washington DC, for five days last week, a wedding in San Pedro Sula caused the shorter week. Despite terrible service from Taca airlines and their Honduran counterpart Islenia they had a great time. David fished three days with a trip to the Pigeon Cays to allow for some time with his wife. Many bonefish were caught and two Permit on one day, they could not entice the Tarpon out from under the mangroves but he says he will be back next June or July. Unfortunately David did not bring a camera so the photo evidence is lacking, the smile on his face and his declaration that these had been the best fishing days of his life told the story without photos. Sharon snorkeled with Patrice and I and became a hammock potato for a while but loved their trip to the Cays. Patrice and I agreed that these lovely people make our running Mango Creek all seem worthwhile.

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Home again!

Hi everyone, I am back on the job in Roatan. Patrice has been great, she can do almost everything that I can do and kept it all in order. This week we will be doing some new Posts on the website.  I will be installing our new solar panels to help us be even greener. We will be doing some more painting and lots of yard work. I hope too have all new pictures so everyone can see the new color scheme. This is the worst part of the year for tropical activity and soon to be our rainy season. Good news for people thinking of coming to stay with us, we are going to hold the prices for another year.

On another note,  I found a wonderful add on a big sign at the airport in Houston. There was a young man with a large ball of light held over his head with the caption ” How many light bulbs does it take to change an American?” This play on the old joke is a startling reminder that we people of the world have to change our ways and thoughts about energy use. We at Mango Creek Lodge are doing our little bit and hope to do more. I ask all our future guests to look at what we are doing here and please start to think about what they can do when they get back home. Solar and wind with a big dose of conservation will go a long way to solve a lot of our problems in the world.

To see this sign: http://mangocreeklodge.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/psa2009_lightbulb.pdf

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Sarah and Dan, Newly weds

Late but still great is the pictures from Sarah and Dan who came to us from Nantucket where Dan is a commercial fisherman. Now this was a bit strange because while Dan was interested in being always close to Sarah he is a total fishing nut. They did some diving kayaking and lots of snorkeling, even did a trip to the Pigeon Cays but Dan was into fishing, fly fishing, and spin fishing. Sarah was also into the fishing as long as the sun was there to work on her tan. I will be posting more pictures as soon as I’m back on Roatan so this is just a tease of what the photos will be like.

Sarah with big teeth Barracuda at Mango Creek

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More News— Huntingdon College

Hello again, we just want to announce that Huntingdon College of Montgomery Alabama will be visiting Mango Creek in December this year, we look forward to hosting this fine College.

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Hello everyone, we at Mango Creek are updating our solar array. With the new prices in solar and us being on very expensive diesel power at some times of the day, we need more solar. We have just purchased 10 more 190 watt panels. We will be installing them when they arrive and when Terry gets back ( that’s me) from the USA. We were able to buy these excellent panels at $1.34 per watt, this is unheard of, we have in the past paid anywhere up to $5.50 per watt, so you see why we are excited.

We will be doing a step by step blog with pictures for the many who want this info, so do watch for this blog coming soon. With the experience of over twelve years of using solar we are a little bit away from the how to books. Our present array is 50 panels but many of them are the old style 47 watt panels, still working great but very outdated. We will be adding these new panels in the main part of the array and moving some of these early 47 watt panels to a little bit of an experimental installation. Our plan is to have ten old style panels set to catch the early morning sun. plan is to tilt them so they are still working till about 2:00 pm, but the early morning shot will help get the microwave and toaster working in the 07:00 am time slot. In this way we hope to mold the set up to a problem that we are seeing, our batteries are being depleted in the earl breakfast time and we hope to stop this from happening. The math goes this way 10 panels @ 190 watts = 1900 watts new power or at 24 volts we should see about 80 amps of charging power ( less inefficiency of course). Moving ten panels to early morning duty will mean 10 panels @ 47 watts = 470 watts at 24 volts we should see about twenty amps arriving early, we hope. We will let you know how this all turns out in a future blog please watch for it.

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Terry's Trout while in Colorado

Hi everyone, I am in the land of Plenty. Patrice is minding MCL just now and doing great. I am slaving away in Colorado, painting our house inside. It is when you travel to the USA and vice versa that one of the great things about Roatan comes clear, You can get there easily! I left in early afternoon and was in Denver for dinner time after Immigration and Customs etc. I was still in Colorado for supper. Compare that to almost any destination and it just blows the others away. Yes our flights are a bit more but you can actually be snorkeling the same day you leave the USA and that is after a nap in the hammock. So please think of that and get yourself down to Mango Creek soon, besides with that special we are offering right now the extra for the plane ride is not bad.

September is a great time at Mango Creek, the winds are generally less, the water is generally clearer, there are no crowds and I hate to say it but it is often cooler that most of the US cities. So please come see us get a great deal maybe cool off a bit and sit knee deep in the Caribbean for a while. Hope to see you soon. Terry


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Great Week, Dive, Snorkel, and Hawks

John and Jenny at Pigeon Cays

Jenny and John were here last week from Chattanooga Tenn. Both are teachers, and we could see why, when they dealt with Adria age 5, who is staying at Mango Creek Lodge just now. She loved them both. Patrice and I had a great week with them and hope they want to come back soon.


They dove most every day and even did the Shark Dive which is offered down Island, our dive instructor Leif, arranged and got them there and back.

At the Shark Dive

John diving at Mango Creek






They came equipped with, I gotta have one, new Cannon digital that does under water videos. Watch for them on the net soon, I’ll post a link later. Jenny got to visit with our resident Batfish, family Ogcocephalidae (order Lophiiformes), a very strange little guy who sucks up small crabs, shrimp and fish as he walks along on the bottom with his feet like fins. Here are a couple pictures.

Long nose Batfish









A regular at Mango Creek Lodge










He is far from rare here under or near our main dock and most guests get to see him at least once.

Snorkeling, Kayaking, it was all in the game for John and Jenny.

Jenny snorkeling







Kayaking beside The Cow Calf in Port Royal








It's a Moray

There are some great shots of diving, but here is one I especially like of a young purple mouth Moray.




As you can see they had a great week but perhaps the hit of the week was the Night Dive in the HorseShoe in Port Royal.

Blood worms

Unfortunately they saw so many creatures that Jenny had to bring some home to the cabana with her(in her hair etc.). John was assuring her that they were just shrimp. However, picture evidence shows that they were in fact Blood worms, a small harmless critter that hatch at this time of year at night in the Ocean near the reef. The ugly mermaid award goes to Jenny who was able to not totally freak out as I may have.

John with Vega his Harris Hawk and Big Boy their dog

John and Jenny share another passion, and Patrice and I learned a lot about it, Falconry. They have left me wondering if I can ever share this sport. In this picture Vega their Harris Hawk clearly believes that rabbit is his.

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Islands Magazine

MangoCreekLodge.com Cabana 1

Wow we be gettin famous! Last week we had National Geographic Traveler mentioning us as number 9 of 10 best places in the World to go this year. Now we have a picture on the Contents Page of Islands Magazine July August of one of our Cabanas and brief notation about Mango Creek Lodge. We are very happy about this and hope the people reading this will come try us out.

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Susan and PJ from Ireland

what a truly delightful couple, with that Irish accent that all of us so love. It was like in the movies Patrice and I loved every moment. They were so easy they had no demands they were just here to enjoy some diving and some fishing. PJ could have used some more luck but

MangoCreekLodge.com PJ and bonefish

it wasn’t all bad. He had one day in particular that was worth the trip all by itself, did he get the grand slam? No, but he had some great shots and saw lots, as he says it’s Fishing not Catching!

MangoCreekLodge.com Dinner under the stars

One evening while they were here we served them Dinner up on the Boathouse Roof under the stars, very romantic. They have promised a return trip soon. Patrice and I can’t wait.

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Almost Grand Slam Again!

On Sunday June 5th Max from Texas was here for his third time, he is one of those extremely lucky people who have to come to Roatan on business and takes some time to dayfish with us. Perry guided Max to an almost Grand Slam, Many Bonefish, two Permit but lost one and then had a Tarpon within ten feet of the boat and lost the grand slam that quickly. He has promised pictures and I’ll forward them into this post when they arrive. We sure seem to be getting a lot of Permit this season and a lot of Grand Slams and almost slams…

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Concern for the Environment

For many of you who have helped us here with our Queen Conch preservation, thank you. Last week one of our guests took some photos and I wanted to pass them on to you. We are not sure that what we are doing collecting Conch and protecting them around the area of Mango Creek is an answer to the problem or what, but at least we are doing something! Right now the taking of Conch is against the law anywhere in Honduras. Taking small immature Conch has never been looked on as good. These pictures show what is happening on the East End of Roatan. I do not consider that these Conch have been taken for personal use, there are many people on Roatan that if they would take a few Conch everyone including me would agree. Enough said, here are the photos, thanks go to Drew.

MangoCreekLodge.com Dead Conch







MangoCreekLodge.com Pile of dead Conch


MangoCreekLodge.com Very small Dead Conch


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Hot and Hazy

MangoCreekLodge.com Hot and Hazy

Hot and hazy down here, thank goodness for those tropical trade wind breezes. Saylor and Drew from Detroit were here last week. fishing was tough but a bad day fishing is still a great day and better than being at work. They saw few Permit but did get a couple shots with no luck. They did get some bonefish but the tides were

MangoCreekLodge.com Home sweet home!

tough to read and the flats water temperature got hot as the week went on. If not for some great Barracuda fishing and lots of great food, some great cigars on the roof of the boathouse under the stars, they might almost have had a bad week. The smiles were there

MangoCreekLodge.com Nice Bonefish

and the look of total relaxation meant that they will be back again.




MangoCreekLodge.com Drew's Barracuda

MangoCreekLodge.com Saylor's Cuda 30#

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