Concern for the Environment

For many of you who have helped us here with our Queen Conch preservation, thank you. Last week one of our guests took some photos and I wanted to pass them on to you. We are not sure that what we are doing collecting Conch and protecting them around the area of Mango Creek is an answer to the problem or what, but at least we are doing something! Right now the taking of Conch is against the law anywhere in Honduras. Taking small immature Conch has never been looked on as good. These pictures show what is happening on the East End of Roatan. I do not consider that these Conch have been taken for personal use, there are many people on Roatan that if they would take a few Conch everyone including me would agree. Enough said, here are the photos, thanks go to Drew. Dead Conch



 Pile of dead Conch Very small Dead Conch


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