Another Blog, what is the world coming too? I guess I have learnt to do this and hate to say it but I do like writing and publishing these things. Now for you out there seeing my bad use of grammar and spelling, remember you can comment here too.

We had a busy week last week with four guests, two fishing, I won’t comment because David Sheridan will be posting a report soon. They had a great week. The weather was fantastic just enough wind to make it wonderful but not enough to effect the fishing or boating. We slept under a sheet every night so that is ideal. The September high tides are here and the full moon stunning. Leif our new dive instructor and dive manager reported that 16 tanks are in stock and eight regs with six bcd’s ( Bouancy control vests for you non divers) We are planning on giving a lot of fishermen the chance to dive and see the bottom this year, with our try diving deal. The Dorey is back and has her engine installed now we are doing all the finnishing work, new seats, engine box and painting. I can’t wait till we get her back in service. It was enormously popular when last we had her working, leisure trips with ladies carrying umbrellas of different color as we cruise the shore in Port Royal and the mangrove shores further down. We plan on many trips this next season, perhaps some moonlight drifts sipping chilled wine.

The white ginger are in bloom all along the creek and the evening wafts of their fragrance is wonderful. So life goes on here at Mango Creek Lodge, watch for the new web pages anouncing our destination weddings and of course the new Dive operation here. More blogs to come, love to all, Terry and Patrice.

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