First Tarpon on the Fly

TarponFirst Tarpon on the Fly….Awesome!!!!

Patrick and his first Tarpon on the fly, are you sure you haven’t done this before? Great guests, Patrick and his wife Jenny spent a beautiful week at Mango Creek Lodge. Yes we had a little rain…. and Pat dared the fish to come out and play on the flats anyway. Off the dock , from the kayak, on the flats or standing in the boat, he was the happiest fisherman I’ve met yet, and apparently the fish thought so too. They were great guests who brought an abundance of life to the lodge, great conversations and some serious cribbage competition, and perhaps more than a couple rounds of serious darts.  Pat and Jenny have travelled many parts of Central America, and fished and surfed most of the best spots, good travellers, great company and we look forward to your return

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