Guanaja- Temporarily Unavailable

At this time: These trips are unavailable.

Guanaja, a small island 30 miles east of Roatan, is the home of exceptional saltwater flats and healthy fisheries. In the future, Mango Creek Lodge may be able to offer these trips again, but not at this time.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Guanaja was at one time home to two successful fly-fishing lodges. Unfortunately, both were lost in Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Since then, the plentiful flats surrounding this steep, mountainous island have been relatively untouched. Mango Creek Lodge’s past Guanaja excursions have been quite successful, and some of our largest bonefish have been caught in these waters. Island Map

The trip to Guanaja involves crossing 10 miles of open ocean, and poor sea and weather conditions can make the journey impossible. Because of this, the availability of Guanaja excursions depends on weather and safety conditions.

Guanaja excursions are not included in Mango Creek Lodge’s fishing package rates.. Additional costs apply, when available.  Please ask about these rates.

Guanaja Day Trips- Currently Unavailable

Guests, guides, and a boat captain depart Mango Creek Lodge at first light on Mango Reel, our large and comfortable sport fishing boat. After a full day of fishing, we return to the lodge before dark. Lunch, snacks & beverages are provided.

****Please ask: These daytrips may be available sometime in the near future.

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