Fishing Report

Weather conditions were variable during the months of June and July. The first half of June was calmer with easterly breezes between 5 and 10 mph. Later in the month until now, the wind has increased in strength but has been steady. This whole period, we’ve had regular passing thunder showers occurring at night, which has been great for keeping the water cool. As a result, the fish are staying on the flats for longer at low tide and are more active. The large schools of bonefish and permit are still seen every day.

Photo of man holding a permitEarly in June, angler Trent Shepherd and his wife had some good bonefish catches and were amazed at the wonderful sight of large numbers of tailing permit on the flats. He wrote:

Sunday, June 11, 2006 11:17 am
Subject: Thanks for a great trip!

We’re back home and still glowing Photo of man holding a bonefishfrom such a great trip to Honduras. Thanks … for the best fishing trip we have been on to date. Both my wife and I landed our first bonefish (and several more after that), had a chance at some permit, and even some tarpon. Can’t wait to go back to Roatan and the Mango Creek Lodge – the hosts were so friendly, the service great, and the fish aplenty.

Cheers, Trent

Angler, Al Winzerling landed good size bonefish each day, as well as 2 permit in one day. He said:

… Thanks again to you and your staff for a great trip. … Fish, fish, and more. There are so many Bonefish and Permit on the flats, there is hardly a break during a day of fishing. Most of these fish were spotted by Perry, my guide. Long before we spotted the tailing Bones or Permit’s dorsal fins, Perry picked out the “nervous water” way out there. Not to mention the rolling Tarpon in the Mangroves.

Variations of shrimp or crab were the fly to use.

Flats fishing for these amazing fish will tax the stalking, presentation, and landing skills of the best fly fisherman.

Al Winzerling
Durango, Colorado
(Trip dates June 3-11, 2006)

Paul and Bryan Shepard had good catches every day. They caught at least 6-8 bonefish on the flats daily, plus another 3–6 in deeper water, between tides. All were between 4 and 6 lbs. They each landed a permit (10 lbs and 5 lbs). Of course, there were jacks and snappers caught along the way, too.

Photo of Mango Creek Lodge guide Perry holding a small permitMike Holeman, too, was very happy with his bonefish catches, saying they were the biggest he has caught to date. He also commented on the large numbers of fish on the flats. He praised the guide on correcting his mistakes with helpful advice and instruction, leading him to bring in all the fish he hooked.

The weather is warming up, but we’re staying cooler than all the places suffering heat waves to the north! Come to Roatan and cool down!

Tight lines!
Mango Creek Lodge

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