Fishing Report: August-November 2006

The month of August in Mango Creek was hot and sunny. Winds were light predominately coming from the east at about 10 knots.

Tides were low allowing for frequent easy access to the flats. All of this provided excellent conditions for fishing.

Although August is considered towards the end of Permit season there were still plenty of them spotted on our flats. Bonefish are in abundance year round and August was no exception.

Photo of Jake holding a permit with Mango Creek Lodge cabanas in the backgroundSeptember saw a continuation of August weather conditions. We were visited by Jake and Lee Sinna. During their stay they landed numerous bonefish and Jake caught his first ever Permit. (He wrote: “I don’t have a vocabulary rich or deep enough to adequately describe the awesome experience you and your staff provided Jake and me at Mango Creek. A very heartfelt thank you. Dr. Lee Sinna”)

October and November are generally considered our rainy months. October this year was better than average, but November was worse than average. There were plenty of fish of all species spotted during this period.

Fishing conditions were dictated by weather. If it rained hard, it became difficult to see the bonefish and permit tailing. Tides were also high.

Photo of Adam, holding a permit, with guide, PerryOn the other hand, when the weather was clear, the fish were seen and caught. Adam Olmstead, a professional guide from Colorado, managed to hook up with four permit and landed two in difficult conditions. He also managed to land snook and bonefish.

Photo of Adam holding a snookThomas Horton was successful landing bonefish. He also hooked up on tarpon and is looking forward to returning.

The last week of November has been encouraging. Both weather and tides have returned to normal. Large schools of permit have been reported by all our guides, and bonefish are more abundant during this month than any other month of the year.

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