Fishing Report: July 2008

July marked the end of the busy season here on Roatan, and Mango Creek Lodge saw it out with a great group of anglers.

We finished the month with a full house and a camera crew! Cindy Garrison from ESPN and her team visited for a week as they filmed footage for a number of potential new projects. Cindy spent time with our managers discussing Mango Creek’s environmental and conservation initiatives before hitting the water to scout the flats. She met with success and caught a few bonefish—and her camera crew, of course, caught it all on film. Look for updates about Mango Creek and Cindy’s new projects coming soon.

Photo of Mike Krentzman and Cindy GarrisonMike Krentzman and Cindy Garrison

While Cindy was busy filming, Gord and Cathy Joyce were enjoying their third trip to Mango Creek. This great couple has become like family to the lodge and even brought along photos from their past trips to share with our guides and staff. Gord and Cathy caught a number of fish on their days on the flats and also snuck in some spinning.

Also during this time, William and Will Joyce, a father a son, were doing their own exploring. While William fished, Will photographed the amazing sea life around the reef and got some terrific footage of his own. William did OK himself and caught several bonefish, a permit, and a couple of toothy needlefish.

Photo of William holding a bonefishWilliam Talley and a bonefish

Next up were Bill and Sue Martin, who joined us the following week. Bill split his stay between time exploring with Sue and time on the water, where he really lit it up. He warmed up Day 1 with one good-sized bonefish and then followed that up on Day 2 by getting seven of them! On Day 3, Bill caught three bonefish on his morning trip and then met up with Sue for a picnic and snorkel on the secluded Pigeon Keys. Afterward, he was back on the flats with a pink crab pattern, which helped him bring in two permit! He was all smiles the rest of the week and said it was his best fishing day ever.

Photo of Bill holding a permitBill Martin and one of his two permit
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