Fly Fishing at Mango Creek Lodge


With bonefish

Saltwater fly fishing is the emphasis of Mango Creek Lodge’s fishing operations. Roatan’s numerous East End flats present the challenges and opportunities of hooking up the coveted saltwater “grand slam.”

Mango Creek Lodge’s fly-fishing guests do most of their fishing by wading Roatan’s turtle grass and coral flats. However, you may also spend time fishing by boat in the island’s mangrove canals and shorelines. Your guide will help you spot and stalk the grand slam of bonefish, permit, and tarpon as well secondary target species such as jacks, barracuda, snappers, grouper, and queen triggerfish. You may also want to bring a spinning rod and gear to experience all the exceptional fishing Roatan has to offer.

Kayak While staying at Mango Creek Lodge, you can take a kayak out to the breakfast flats just a short paddle away and look for early morning bonefish and permit.

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