Fly Fishing for Barracuda in Roatan



Roatan’s waters are teeming with barracuda of all sizes. Although barracuda are typically a secondary target species at Mango Creek Lodge, they are fantastic fighters and great fun to fish.

Make sure you gear up with the appropriate rodsreelsline,leaders, and flies.


An 8- or 9-wt rod is perfect for barracuda.


Your reel should match the weight of your rod.

Fly Line

Rig your rod with a weight-forward floating line.


Wire leaders (20 to 40 lb) are necessary to keep these toothy fish from cutting you off immediately.


You’ll need only a few flies for Roatan’s barracuda. Consider bringing:

  • Long needlefish imitations (orange or chartreuse) #2
  • ‘Cuda fly (green) with a double hooked tandem wire 3/0
  • Bob Popovics’ Banger (silver and orange) #2
  • Large minnow imitations #2.


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