Fly or Spin ?

Thanks mostly to Michael our guide we are experiencing something totally new! Spin fishing only with a twist that I cannot tell you about. The thing is that guests who would normally not fish while here are going wild with it. Picture if you can your wife and yourself maybe even one of the older kids all going fishing. At first nothing happens, but shortly fish start hitting minnows around the boat. Michael makes you wait a bit to be sure they are there, then he helps you send out a cast and for the next few hours the fishing goes crazy. Snapper, Grouper, Wahoo, Kings, Spanish Mackerel, even an 80 pound sailfish and some reef sharks, as well as big Barracuda. There are lots of fish the guests don’t even see, they just take the hook and leave, no amount of drag or pressure can stop whatever they are, they just take off. Have you ever caught the bumper on a Volkswagon . Well that is how it feels. The great news is that Michael has taught the other guides his methods and they are all having great days.

We have been doing our thing and we are still getting great fly fishing, but come try your hand at twenty pound Tuna hitting every cast for an afternoon. We have new fish recipes too so when you bring the fish home guess what we eat for dinner?

76 pound Wahoo caught a few years ago

Needle fish are fun to catch


Scotty and Blue Runner


If this looks fun to you come check us out. The fishing is great.

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