Great Week, Dive, Snorkel, and Hawks

John and Jenny at Pigeon Cays

Jenny and John were here last week from Chattanooga Tenn. Both are teachers, and we could see why, when they dealt with Adria age 5, who is staying at Mango Creek Lodge just now. She loved them both. Patrice and I had a great week with them and hope they want to come back soon.


They dove most every day and even did the Shark Dive which is offered down Island, our dive instructor Leif, arranged and got them there and back.

At the Shark Dive

John diving at Mango Creek






They came equipped with, I gotta have one, new Cannon digital that does under water videos. Watch for them on the net soon, I’ll post a link later. Jenny got to visit with our resident Batfish, family Ogcocephalidae (order Lophiiformes), a very strange little guy who sucks up small crabs, shrimp and fish as he walks along on the bottom with his feet like fins. Here are a couple pictures.

Long nose Batfish









A regular at Mango Creek Lodge










He is far from rare here under or near our main dock and most guests get to see him at least once.

Snorkeling, Kayaking, it was all in the game for John and Jenny.

Jenny snorkeling







Kayaking beside The Cow Calf in Port Royal








It's a Moray

There are some great shots of diving, but here is one I especially like of a young purple mouth Moray.




As you can see they had a great week but perhaps the hit of the week was the Night Dive in the HorseShoe in Port Royal.

Blood worms

Unfortunately they saw so many creatures that Jenny had to bring some home to the cabana with her(in her hair etc.). John was assuring her that they were just shrimp. However, picture evidence shows that they were in fact Blood worms, a small harmless critter that hatch at this time of year at night in the Ocean near the reef. The ugly mermaid award goes to Jenny who was able to not totally freak out as I may have.

John with Vega his Harris Hawk and Big Boy their dog

John and Jenny share another passion, and Patrice and I learned a lot about it, Falconry. They have left me wondering if I can ever share this sport. In this picture Vega their Harris Hawk clearly believes that rabbit is his.

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