High Tides and Early Rains

If there’s only one thing you’ll remember about Mango Creek Lodge in September, it will be the tides. September always brings unusually high tides to Roatan, but this year might have been a record-breaker. The water continually lapped just below the tops of our docks, and the swift tides washed all sorts of debris in from the ocean.

Photo of Manuel standing in the sea and raking muck up on the beachManuel rakes seaweed from
the Mango Creek Lodge beach

Every few days, the grounds staff had to report to our beach for clean-up duty. They found basketballs, bottles, all varieties of plastic tidbits, tons of seaweed, and—of course—numerous shoes and sandals. It was hard (and sometimes stinky) work, so the fishing guides were happy to get a break from the hauling to take Chuck and Rod Hornor fishing. Read more about their time on the flats in our September fishing report.

Once the raking was complete and the tides finally started to recede, we turned to the decks. Mango Creek Lodge has an extensive system of docks, decks, and stairways, and it all must be treated with sealer yearly to prevent rot. This is another big job, as it is all done by hand and paintbrush. By the end of the month, it was almost all done when the rains started.

October is usually the beginning of rainy season on Roatan. However, it appears it is sneaking up early on us this year. Toward the end of the month, we had a few small showers that built in duration. It’s just a sneak peek of what’s ahead.

In September, we also made progress on some new plans for the lodge. First, we welcomed the return of Dalia, who spent the month on the mainland taking massage classes.

Photo of DaliaDalia, a Mango Creek Lodge
cook and massage therapist

Dalia worked hard to receive her certification and is looking forward to the busy season when she can put her new skills to work and treat our guests’ tired muscles.

Other upcoming developments include the construction of new lodging options. Our treehouse rooms will be built on 16-foot platforms that overlook the grounds and the sea. Their connecting walkways will make them a great option for families and groups. Groups will also look forward to the completion of our double cabana. These rooms will be similar to our existing over-the-water cabanas, but they will share a platform and space. Stay tuned for more information!

Photo of the platform for a treehousePhoto of the deck for a new over-the-water cabanaThe beginning stages of Mango Creek Lodge’s
new accommodation options
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