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Explore Roatan’s mountains and caves by hiking with Mango Creek Lodge. The Bay Island’s steep terrain and lush vegetation provides a wonderful environment in which to discover the Western Caribbean’s unique history, flora, and fauna. At Mango Creek Lodge, you can explore our tropical grounds or wander further afield for a day of adventure.

Learn more about Roatan’s unique species by reading our flora and fauna guide (PDF 894 KB) before your trip.

Port Royal Wildlife Refuge

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On this excursion, your guide will lead you along the beach and up a ravine through the Mango Creek Lodge property to the Port Royal Wildlife Refuge. This reserve contains the largest contiguous body of pine in all of Honduras. Your guide will identify indigenous plants and trees and explain their medicinal properties. He will also help you spot local birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals. After summiting the ridge and descending into the island’s north side, you’ll stop for lunch and a refreshing ocean swim. A hike back along a dirt road will return you to the lodge.

Helene Caves

The village of Helene is located on the far eastern end of Roatan and is separated from the rest of the island by a large mangrove swamp. For this excursion, your guide will take you by boat to Helene, where you will hike along the mangroves and into the interior. In Helene, you will see palm groves, parrot trees, and a series of small caves believed to have been used by the Paya Indians. After lunch and further exploration, you will return to the lodge via a series of mangrove canals.

Morat Island

Morat is a small island off the eastern end of Roatan. Known in nearby Helene as a “we island,” or an island of the people, Morat is uninhabited. For this excursion, you guide will take you by boat to Morat, where you can explore the hilly forests and inland ponds of this isolated cay. After eating a sack lunch and seeing the island’s crocodiles and wild parrots, you will return to the lodge via the mangrove canals.


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