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Hello everyone, I am getting a lot of inquiries about safety in Honduras. So I thought it is best I do an update. First of all Honduras in the mainland and particularly the big cities are not safe. Can you travel through them? Yes, you can if you use common sense, follow a couple rules: number one, Do not travel at night! number two, know the area where you are going or use a recommended guide or Taxi. number three, watch your stuff, do not carry a lot of cash, don’t flash cash, put cameras away when not in use, like I say use common sense.

There is very little of the violence aimed at tourists, doing illegal activities will put you among the very people you should avoid. Using illegal drugs will put you at risk. Honduras is a wonderful place and the nature here is second to none, there are more cloud forests and rain forests than anywhere else in the world I think but they are undeveloped and take more research and preparation than say Costa Rica.

Roatan is another thing all together. First it is 35 miles from the mainland, it is not as poor as the mainland. We still have a lot of poor people, but the tourism is starting to produce a middle class. There is very little violent crime on Roatan and the areas where it might happen is not typically where tourists go.

Mango Creek Lodge is far from the madding crowd, there are no roads to Mango Creek and we are situated in an area of mostly rural life. We have never had a violence problem ever, we have had some minor theft over the years but surprisingly little. If you come to mango creek I think you will find that there is never a question of safety, all our guests so far have found us comfortable and safe.


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