Patrick and Lauren were married just about a week ago and traveled from Tallahassee to Mango Creek Lodge for their Honeymoon.

Romantic Dinner under the stars!

Well it turned into a Very exciting week. First there was the close approach of Hurricane Ernesto. Ernesto passed about two hundred miles North of Roatan and all was well. Some rain fell but all in all a good thing. Then there was the Earthquake a 4.3 power quake that shook the restaurants and cabana, but it was again a minor thing thank goodness. The weather somewhat cleared and we all went snorkeling. In our snorkel area we found some locals with a gil net which is against the law so we had to yell at them, so they withdrew and we saved a lot of fish from certain death. A gill net kills all species of fish and the waist is incredible, in some cases 10 fish killed for every usable fish. Thank goodness they are illegal. Patrick and Lauren had a great day down Island, walking the beach in West Bay, with no cruise ships it is wonderful. The next day Michael took them for a day at the Pigeon Cays for Picnic and snorkeling. On the way there they encountered a pod of Wild Bottlenose Dolphin and Michael got them close enough to actually snorkel with them, what a great experience. On their last full day we heard of a turtle net strung across a long distance in Port Royal. So with the help of Patrick and Lauren we went and destroyed the net. This net is also illegal here but with little infrastructure I believe it falls to us the concerned people to do our part to protect wildlife and especially turtles.

So to sum up the week, we had Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Gil Net removal, Beach walks, Pigeon Cay tours, Mangrove Dorey ride, Dolphin snorkel, Turtle net removal and to top it all off a romantic Lobster dinner under the stars on our boathouse roof. I think we got them started in their life as a married couple quite well thank you.

Best of luck in all your endeavors Patrick and Lauren Gines.

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