Huntingdon College visit!

Well we made it and I believe a great time was had by all. The Saturday that Huntingdon College of Montgomery Alabama arrived was a rainy day, a very rainy day. The adventure realy started as we watched the Delta flight from Atlanta try to land but could not get it done. So our 14 guests we wisked off to Belize City where the plane took on extra fuel. The flight then touched down at about 4:30pm about three hours late. This put us in the situation of ferrying our guests to Mango Creek in the rain and early dark. This group took it well and there was a sense of adventure and not fear which was great. We fed this tired hungry crew and settled in for the night. It rained all night and most of the next day. Instead of being depressed this group made the best of things and were jumping from the boathouse roof and kayaking in the rain. I will be posting more soon and expect to receive a full set of Blogs from the students themselves, right after Christmas.

In the mean time we have some guests arriving today and two more later, then next week the cabanas are full with the arrival of the same two families that were here for Christmas last year. So everyone out there please have a great Holiday Season and watch for more blogs coming soon.

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