Invasive Species Removal

Hello, hope everyone had a great holiday season. We had a great one here, two families one very much into fishing the other into Eco activities. I hope to have some photos soon to show you.

We are at work removing the Australian Pines that have reached an incredible height and are now ruining our view. We have a crew here who will take the trees down and will then prepare them for use as lumber, I have been assured that it is very strong and hard and hope to use it on the building we will be doing. Invasive means they are not native to the Island, a previous caretaker planted them about eight years ago and they are taking over. I apologize to my neighbors if the are spreading their seeds over to them. They are messy too with long pine like needles. please look at this link:

Invasive species 2 is the Lion Fish. Last week we joined five sailboat crews who were anchored here to go and spear Lion Fish. We got quite a few and then we ate them. If you are careful to remove the spines with shears they may be handled and cleaned and are very good eating. I hope to get a license myself so that I can do my part in slowing down this destructive fish. please read this web page


The spiny, venomous lionfish. Michael Dwyer/AP

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