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Kayaking is a wonderful way to explore the shores and reef of Roatan’s East End. Mango Creek Lodge offers excursions for sightseeing, snorkeling, and fishing by kayak.

We use Hobie Mirage Sport and Adventure kayaks for all our kayaking excursions. Each model is equipped with traditional paddles as well as foot pedals for flexibility and comfort.

Sightseeing by Kayak

Enjoy a day on the water seeing the shorelines and mangrove canals of Roatan’s East End. Mango Creek Lodge offers numerous routes to allow you to explore the flora and fauna (PDF 894 KB) of Roatan. Your guide will introduce you to the Bay Islands’ many species of plants and animals and point out areas of historical interest along the way.

Snorkeling by Kayak

Snorkel right from your boat after kayaking to the Cow and Calf islands, Fort Cay, or Lime Cay. After dropping anchor, you are free to explore the offshore reef and sandy bottoms of these nearby destinations.

Fishing by Kayak

Our kayaks allow Mango Creek Lodge guests to fish mangrove canals that are unreachable by motor boat or foot. Your guide will lead you deep into the East End’s mangrove forest to search for tarpon and snook. Alternatively, you can troll Port Royal’s open waters for barracuda. The kayaks’ unique pedal system allows you to propel and steer your boat while leaving your hands free for casting.

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