Lodge report 9/11/2011

Hello from the rainy tropics. Tropical Storm and later Hurricane Rina is now a memory, a very wet memory. It was reported that our area received over a ten day period about four feet of rain. Now for you that have never experienced this tropical downpour, thank the lord for that. Rain falls in the tropics and at times we just cannot believe that there is that much water or that the rain can stay at that intensity for as long as it does. It rains so hard that some kind of water shed is necessary or breathing gets tough, I kid you not there are times that it rains so hard that having a baseball cap is a necessity.

I do need to say at this point that all is well here at Mango Creek Lodge. We have had to rethink our plans on building or at least completing building of cabana five and six. Shortages of diesel were the first blow to our plans, some of the supply ships did not get here so we had to ration diesel. Thank goodness we installed those new solar panels and that allowed us even in low sunlight days to stay charged and not need as much diesel as usual. We have most of the beautiful hardwood sawn and ready for making our lovely louvered windows and doors.

The fishing continues to amaze all of our few guests who brave this weather, Tarpon catches and Permit catches have been fantastic. I hope to have some pictures and a report for later this week as we have some fishermen from our hometown ( Durango, Colorado ) out fishing today.

Now comes the final prep for the approach of Holiday Season and one of our busiest times of the year. we are also getting excited to receive Huntingdon College from Montgomery in December. For guests that are coming again please get booked as soon as possible and don’t forget to remind us that you are returning so we give that discount that you earn.

Thanks, Terry

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