Mango Creek Lodge Boat Tours

The only way to get a true sense of Roatan’s East End culture and history is by boat. Mango Creek Lodge offers several boat tours to allow our guests to experience this unique part of Roatan.

On a Mango Creek Lodge boat tour, you can discover Roatan’s culture, history, mangroves, and Pigeon Cays.

Roatan Culture Local Kids

On Roatan’s East End, nearly all transportation is accomplished by boat. Many homes and businesses are built over the water on stilts for easy access, and man-made channels and mangrove canals connect the few villages. On this tour, you will visit the local villages Oak Ridge and Helene to learn more about daily life on the island’s East End.

Roatan History

Roatan has a rich and interesting history. On this tour, you will boat around the East End to learn more about Roatan’s Paya Indians and pirates.

Roatan’s Mangrove Canals

Roatan’s mangrove canals provide a safe passage for boats travelling from the East End toward the western side of the island. These canals also provide a great opportunity to get an inside view of the mangrove’s unique flora and fauna.

Pigeon Cays

The Pigeon Cays are a pair of postcard-perfect tropical islands off the eastern tip of Roatan. On this tour, you’ll picnic on the sandy beach of an uninhabited isle and then snorkel the reef just beyond the sand. Along the way, you’ll see the islands of Morat and Barbaret.


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