Mango Creek Lodge Diving Day Trips

Diving Daytrips on the East End:


In addition to week long packages, Mango Creek Lodge also offers guests the ability to dive MCL for the day. You can do this whether you are staying at the lodge or not.  This gives our non-overnight guests a chance to escape from the crowds and enjoy a taste of what the East End has to offer.

Our day trips start at 8:30am in Oakridge.  You will be met there by one of our friendly staff and after a 15 minute boat ride you will arrive at Mango Creek Lodge.  Once at the lodge you will be in the hands of our experienced dive staff.  They will work with you to match your experience level and requirements and find the sites that are right for you. After your first  2 dives, you will return to the lodge for your surface interval and lunch.  Shortly after lunch you will leave for your third dive.  If you are doing a day trip our boat will return you to Oakridge at 4pm.DSCN3319


Diving while staying at Mango Creek:

If you are already staying at Mango Creek, but would like the opportunity to dive, we can arrange for you to add diving onto either your eco or fish package.  These dives can be done in the mornings, afternoons or nights at anytime during your weeklong stay with us.  Just let us know and we can set this up for you.



If you have never dove before, but would like the chance to learn…..ask us about our Discover Dive.  You can spend the day with our dive instructor learning the basics and then taking your very first dive with us!

Equipment is available.


E-mail us at for more information and for prices.


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