Mango Creek Lodge Sailing

Sailing has always been a strong part of the culture of Roatan and Mango Creek Lodge. The lodge’s owners and managers have both sailed numerous oceans on their own sailboats, and our harbor in Port Royal is frequently filled with cruising sailboats.

To allow our guests to enjoy a taste of the pleasures of sailing, Mango Creek Lodge offers several small sit-on-top sailboats with which guests can cruise the harbor waters. If you are new to sailing, a guide can show you the basics, and you can set sail in one of our two Hobie Bravos. Designed for novice sailors, these boats are quick, light, easy to use, and a lot of fun. More experienced sailors can hit the water in our 14-foot Hobie.

Photo of Mango Creek Lodge guests and guide sailing a small catamaran in front of the lodge

Port Royal’s steady breezes make it an
ideal place to learn to sail


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