Mango Creek Lodge Staff

The heart of Mango Creek Lodge is its employees. Get to know our staff by their short bios and pictures! Each day our staff works hard to make Mango Creek Lodge your pristine tropical destination. All of our employees look forward to sharing their specialties and skills with guests who visit the resort.


DSCF0611Perry Cooper has been a fishing guide for over 14 years and enjoys taking new guests out to experience the waters while at Mango Creek Lodge. Perry also takes great pride in keeping Mango Creek clean and maintaining great relationships with the guests.

DSCF0615Kessel Cooper loves to spend his free time fishing and sharing his experiences with guests. Kessel has been an employee of Mango Creek for almost 2 years. 


DSCF0662Joevy Bodden has been at Mango Creek for 3 years. Fishing is his favorite job here, but he also enjoys keeping the grounds well-maintained and in order.

Dive Instructors:

Leif Shaver, PADI Instructor

Info & picture coming soon.


Kathy Shupe, PADI Divemaster

Info & picture coming soon.

Cooking and Housekeeping Staff:

DSCF0629Joy Matute is our head cook here at Mango Creek Lodge. She excels in making her homemade Key Lime Pie, lobster, fresh mango salsa, and running our kitchen with the highest standards.

DSCF0622Nery Cooper has been a cook at Mango Creek for 1 year. Her favorite things to cook are lobster and a traditional garlic rice.



DSCF0624Estella Bodden is a cook for our staff members up in our staff quarters. She loves doing what she does for her fellow co-workers and her favorite item to cook with is coconut.


DSCF0619Jessica Bodden  is also a cook for our staff members. She excels in making local dishes which include rice and beans that keep our staff working hard throughout the day.


DSCF0639Vashti Bodden has been at Mango Creek Lodge for 1 year. She has been nicknamed ‘Jet’ because she is so fast at completing all of her housekeeping duties!


DSCF0634Rube Alvarado loves to make our guests fresh cookies while on their vacation here at Mango Creek. Her favorite part of the job is seeing the guests and her co-workers happy.


DSCF0688Sherilee Cook has been a member of our staff for 6 months. She looks forward to meeting all of our new guests and making them feel comfortable while here at Mango Creek. She enjoys taking day trips with guests to Pigeon Cayes, and sharing information about the culture and wildlife of Roatan.

Land Maintenance Staff:

DSCF0614 Manuel Romero is our head gardener. He has been here the longest at Mango Creek and enjoys keeping the property clean and in order. He loves using the weed wacker whenever he can!

DSCF0601Yony Bodden is our manager of all of the grounds staff. He loves to learn about electricity and training our employees on their new tasks and duties each week.



DSCF0618Omar Bodden has been here for a little over a year. He loves to help out guests with their needs, as well as work with his co-workers here at Mango Creek. Omar also has many carpentry skills he loves to utilize.


DSCF0633Kerist Cooper enjoys taking guests on day trips to Pigeon Cayes. He loves to share new information about our history, plants, and animals with the guests.


DSCF0606Jemuel Bodden is also known as “Jimbo.” He has great boat driving skills as well as a wealth of knowledge on snorkeling. His favorite part of his job is taking guests out to different reefs and snorkeling spots.

DSCF0598Deryl Coleman loves the variety of jobs he is given here at Mango Creek. He is one of our newest employees and has been here for 3 months. He loves to work alongside his coworkers and learn new skills.


DSCF0658Sam Sherlock believes that Mango Creek has one of the best work environments and loves to keep the grounds in order and work on new projects each week. He hopes to contribute to the well-being of Mango Creek each day he is here at work.


DSCF0596Norman Nelson is our newest employee here at Mango Creek and is a huge fan of soccer! He has learned his duties quickly and enjoys the new projects each day brings while working with the rest of Mango Creek’s hardworking employees.


Wood Working Staff:

DSCF0593Carlos Molina has been a carpenter for over 10 years. It took him 3 years to learn and has been working on his skills for over 13 years total. He enjoys his co-workers at Mango Creek and feels very accomplished that he is able to do what he loves for work.

DSCF0608German Martinez spent an entire year learning the skills in carpentry he has acquired. He has been a carpenter for over 20 years and has learned many skills throughout that time. He enjoys his carpentry work and loves learning new things when he can.

DSCF0589Deris Salinas has been a woodcarver for 6 years. His work is rare, and his hard work shows in each piece he produces. It took 2 years to learn his woodcarving skills, and he looks forward to learning new things each day.



DSCF0655Miguel Martinez has been at Mango Creek for one year. He enjoys his work environment and the friends he has made while working here. His favorite part of the job is completing daily safety checks of the property and waters near Mango Creek.


Jairo Menjivar has been with out security staff for 7 months. He loves to keep people safe and takes his job very seriously. Jairo describes his job as “fun, but also very very important.”


DSCF0656Gregory Hernandez loves to work with security because there is also the potential for excitement. He enjoys taking risks and making sure there is safety for all while he is on the job.


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