More Honeymoon Guests

 We recently had another  wonderful couple spend their Honeymoon with us. Christine and Andrew, got married in Canada and headed for warmer Roatan.  Upon arrival they found their bed sprinkled with flower petals. Chilled champagne, and Chocolates on the dresser.

It’s amazing just how much relaxing is possible here at Mango Creek Lodge, and these two set the bar pretty high for knowing how to slow down and just enjoy the quiet beauty of the island. They had their first snorkelling experience at Pigeon Cays, and lounged peacefully on the sands in their hand dug beach seats. A great kayaking trip was made out to Cow and Calf Cays close by , and they both took turns trying to get fish in the boat on their Day fishing trip with our guide Michael.   Thank you for spending your Honeymoon with us here at Mango Creek, we love positive, happy people, who know how to be in love and love life island style.

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