Erin and Brian were just here for a week fresh from their Charleston wedding the night before. They had a great week fishing, where they just missed a super slam. They had caught some Bonefish early then got a nice Permit, Erin even got a nice Snook. They then turned their attention to Tarpon to complete the Slam, but even with five or six takes they just could not get that Tarpon to the boat. Oh so close, but on looking it up I think that could be called a Sports Slam, rather than a Grand Slam.

They Kayaked a bunch and snorkeled, and even tried sailing. Being a bit rusty in sailing Brian miscalculated and upset the boat. Unfortunately all their great photos of the week are now in their water proof camera which is somewhere on the bottom of Port Royal. Guys we are still searching and hope to recover your prised photos soon. We were going to present the Ugly Mermaid award to Brian for this episode but it was too much of a loss to make light of. They say they will be back and had a great week. I think the dinner of Lobster served romantically up in the star light on the boathouse deck will be remembered for a long time.


Alas no camera found but we did get a couple of photos. Newly Weds Into the life

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