Good day to you all in coldville and elsewhere around the world. As you might notice we are doing things over and this is the first thing done. We are reworking the website so watch for that.

Smile says it all!

In February this year we had a glimpse of what our Permit season will be like here. Most know that late March and onward is the time for Permit, on the flats at Mango Creek lodge. But Peter and his wife were here fishing and in that week conditions were exceptional and we saw and had many shots at Permit. I will let this photo tell the tale. Now just before you go wild on me Peter was spin fishing, not fly fishing, there was another Permit caught that week on a fly also. The facts remain that If you want to catch Permit either on a fly or by spinning you have to know they are there. This is just a little proof they are here at Mango Creek, they are big and if you can catch them spinning then they can be caught on a fly IF you are up to the challenge.

Peter also posted his catch here, I hope they don’t mind me posting this link.


One of a few!


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