Pigeon Cay Cleanup

On February 19, 2009, four workers from the Mango Creek Lodge (of Port Royal, Roatan) initiated a cleanup project for a half day on the eastern end of the island. The aforementioned island is one of the Pigeon Cays, a group of deserted, tropical islands a few miles off the southern coast of the island. Manuel Romero, Terry Matute, Miguel Romero and Jeremy Krueger spent the afternoon cleaning the island and left with a boatload of garbage bags stuffed full of windswept, shipwrecked debris. Not neglecting the interior, the group also cleaned the small, vegetated area. Aside from the garbage bags, they had plastic crates, a bike tire, massive chunks of rope and Styrofoam that they also cleaned up. The now-pristine island is once more worthy to be called a deserted Caribbean island and able to be enjoyed by the many who sojourn the southern coast of Roatan for a glimpse of deserted beach and windswept palm trees.
A trash deposit tucked away in the brush. Caches of garbage are carried in by wind, waves, and negligent ocean vessels, and they are scattered around the Pigeon Cays.

Manuel and Terry getting started with their garbage bags.

Miguel combing the shore for beached refuse.

The garbage-free beach stretching into the afternoon sun after a day of cleanup.

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