Pigeon Cays

Hi everyone, yes two blogs in rapid order, well people have been asking so here comes another one. The Pigeon Cays are a small group of two sometimes three sand Islands that are out at the East end of the Island of Roatan just east and south of Barbarette. They are very tiny as island go something like the Garry Larson Island of his cartoon days. What we do at MCL is when we have guests with non fishing wives then we do a day and take a picnic out to the cays and have the fishermen meet their wives or husbands there at lunch time. We carry a nice fresh simple lunch of sandwiches fress fruit, sodas beer and of course chocolate and oatmeal raisin cookies. The snorkelling is great there so after a lunch we all settle into the cooling water ( water temp this time of year is well above 80 degrees) and paddle about for the next hour and sometimes more. The water is very clear and the whole scene is great for pictures. We have done this trip most weeks wether permitting and it is always a highlight, many years ago my dentist and his family went on one of these outings and I have often run into his family arround Durango and the first thing they say is that that was one of the best family remembered days of all time. So a day in the life here at Mango Creek, all that remains is for you to come down and do it yourself. By the way both fishermen got multiple bonefish this morning before the lunch, David went back out to do more and Glen called it a day to continue the romantic day with his wife.

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