Solar, Power, and Lodge update

Ten new panels are installed and we are getting much more power. Unfortunately at the same time our old inverters decided that they needed to retire. So we are waiting for two new Outback power inverters that may even fetch up today. I will be posting a photo log of the inverter installation soon.

New Double Cabana

The big news is that we are going to complete the new cabanas #5 and #6 that we started two years ago. The septic is going in as I write this and the water and electric should be roughed in soon. We are waiting for the 6×6 for the corners but they will be here next week. The design of these cabanas is to feature two new thoughts. One is that they will be a sort of duplex and in this way be a terrific platform for friends travelling together and families, Max and family will be staying in them over Christmas. The other feature is that they will be wheelchair accessible. I am hoping to allow some of the great sportsmen who may be handicapped to come and enjoy what we have to offer. We will be changing docks etc. to make getting around in a chair easy. Our staff will be coached to anticipate the needs of these guests.

I will keep you all up to date with pictures as the construction goes along.

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