Tree Houses at Mango Creek Lodge

Building the new cabanas

Many people when visiting Mango Creek have seen my start of building a tree house, a five sided tree house, or a Pent Tree House! Pardon the humor but what I was looking at creating is more rooms with a view. When standing in the tree houses the front pointed part will be looking over the coastal bush and bamboo and having a panorama of the ocean. All the while being set back in the trees. I picture being able to watch the humming birds on the front porch while laying in bed.

New Tree House design



I am hoping that the new tree houses will be fun and exactly what people are looking for when not wanting to be over the water. We hope to have a dumb waiter for bags and stuff and maybe even a fireman’s pole to slide down. They will be equipped with shower, bathroom etc. and will have a four foot deck out front. There will be four built eventually but two right away. Plan to have them available before June.

The other thing happening at Mango Creek is we are going SUPER ECO. While we are one of very few places in the world that have our amount of sustainability we are going even greener. Plans are for a water wheel electric generator, a incinerator generator and we are expecting 24 new solar panels in the next little while. All this is to get us off the diesel generator.

We will also be eliminating the composting toilets and will be putting in two new sewage systems. These toilets have been great but sitting on that high thrown will be a thing of the past soon.

Please check in every once and a while to see how these projects are going, or better yet come have a gander for yourself.




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