Update on Mango Creek Lodge

Hello everyone, the new cabana is available. We are still adding finishing touches but it is up and beautiful. It will be for families and also handicapped.

New Cabana


In this picture we had not installed all the white trim yet. The hand rails are also in the mail, would I lie to you? This cabana has flush toilet and larger bathrooms. New King Coil deluxe beds and on demand hot water from propane. They have the same vaulted ceiling as the other cabanas.

Waiting for you!










The bed skirts are also in the mail.

Other news: The solar panels are here, 24 new 245 watt solar panels. This will be a huge help in our continued march toward no Diesel generator. We also finally have our 2 KW wind generator working! I cannot say enough about our Eco and sustainability for our energy needs. If anyone is planning on a solar electric addition you might want to come see what we are doing here. The ultimate plan for Mango Creek Lodge is for a further 5 Tree houses some ready by this fall. All running on solar and wind with minimal diesel generator backup. People, yes it is a little easier to do this down in the tropics, but some alternate energy need to come into everyone’s life and now is the time. We started in 1996 when panels cost $500.00 each, and gave 47 Watts.  The new panels are slightly larger but give 245 Watts and cost about $210.00 each. The technology has been incredible, they also have new MPPT charge controllers that give up to 30% more usable power.

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