Terry's Trout while in Colorado

Hi everyone, I am in the land of Plenty. Patrice is minding MCL just now and doing great. I am slaving away in Colorado, painting our house inside. It is when you travel to the USA and vice versa that one of the great things about Roatan comes clear, You can get there easily! I left in early afternoon and was in Denver for dinner time after Immigration and Customs etc. I was still in Colorado for supper. Compare that to almost any destination and it just blows the others away. Yes our flights are a bit more but you can actually be snorkeling the same day you leave the USA and that is after a nap in the hammock. So please think of that and get yourself down to Mango Creek soon, besides with that special we are offering right now the extra for the plane ride is not bad.

September is a great time at Mango Creek, the winds are generally less, the water is generally clearer, there are no crowds and I hate to say it but it is often cooler that most of the US cities. So please come see us get a great deal maybe cool off a bit and sit knee deep in the Caribbean for a while. Hope to see you soon. Terry


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