Weddings at Mango Creek Lodge

double peach

Can you imagine a wedding at Mango Creek Lodge, swaying palm trees in that tropical breeze, a cool fruity drink, gorgeous tropical flowers? This is something we are heading for at Mango Creek, instead of paying huge fees for a day wedding why not make it a week long with a whole bunch of friends? Patrice and I believe that this will be a future thing at our resort and soon. The average price of even a small wedding with rehearsal party and reception is somewhere in the 25k range. 25K and it is all over in a day and a half maybe less. For that price we can put a week together for you and 18 guests, maybe more. That is right, a whole week stay, all the

Flowers for her hair

flowers, pictures, food lodging, local celebrant, band for the big day, and get this even the liquor! You can have the ceremony on the beach or at the base of our stairs in the jungle. The band can play up on the boathouse roof. Everyone can be in flip flops the whole week long. We can have the wedding party dressed as pirates for a photo shoot while we all picnic on the Pigeon Cays, or a photo shoot while scuba diving. The Lodge would be yours for the week, so give this some thought. We can customize for divers or fishermen, you can

Newly Weds at Mango Creek Lodge

choose your activities, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, sailing, or just laying around in a hammock. Please look at all the buildings shown on this website for a better idea of what it might all look like, then email us to start planning.

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