Wet jungle

Well we are getting torrential rains from what might become a tropical depression, located on the border between Honduras and Nicaragua and just offshore. The rain hit early we do not usually get this much rain till November but I guess it is close enough. The good news is that the rain brings lots of Tarpon and Snook to our shores. The other good thing is that it cools us and more importantly our ocean water. This makes for better snorkeling after the storm and lessens the chance of a big storm coming our way. Notice I say lessens not stops. The jungle is a bright vivid green with lots of our most fragrant flowers about to bloom. We have decided not to build the new cabanas just now, they will have to wait for drier weather.

In other news, the airlines have better prices right now so do get your booking in soon. For those of you that have been here before remember to let us know that you have been here because I have a poor memory of names, you will then be given our special discount to returning customers. Terry

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