What about Bob?

Bob or Robert Singelyn  is a dentist from Michigan and a bit of a legend up there for his success rate with Steelhead. Over the years Bob has been visiting Mango Creek with his wife and family. We just love these guests, they are easy keepers enthusiastic about things and we and the staff love to see them arrive. Last week they visited the Island but did not stay with us, now I’m not saying that this why his wife got hurt but there are no empty swimming pools here!

Bob came day fishing and here are some of his pictures. He was well on his way to catching the biggest Grand Slam ever at Mango Creek. When you start with a 10 pound Bonefish, follow by getting a 25 pound Permit, you would almost say its in the bag. Well the Tarpon had a bit to say about that and the 30 pound plus Tarpon that Bob hooked got off fifteen minutes into the fight and the Grand Slam was gone. Bob left and went home early to be with his injured wife at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. Hey guys and Gals there are not many Fisher people who would head home early that close to the Grand Slam. Our hats are off to you Bob and we hope Diane is feeling better soon, you really have a great guy.

Permit at Mango Creek Lodge

It's about the fish isn't it Bob!

Huge Bonefish at Mango Creek with Michael

Big Bonefish at Mango Creek








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