Fly Fishing for Barracuda in Roatan


Roatan’s waters are teeming with barracuda of all sizes. Although barracuda are typically a secondary target species at Mango Creek Lodge, they are fantastic fighters and great fun to fish.

Make sure you gear up with the appropriate rods, reels, line, leaders, and flies.

Consider Bringing
  • Long needlefish imitations (orange or chartreuse) #2
  • ‘Cuda fly (green) with a double hooked tandem wire 3/0
  • Bob Popovics’ Banger (silver and orange) #2
  • Large minnow imitations #2.

Gear Up

An 8- or 9-wt rod is perfect for barracuda.


Your reel should match the weight of your rod.

Fly Line

Rig your rod with a weight-forward floating line.


Wire leaders (20 to 40 lb) are necessary to keep these toothy fish from cutting you off immediately.


You’ll need only a few flies for Roatan’s barracuda.

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