Fly Fishing for Snook in Roatan


Snook are primarily a river and brackish water fish, but at Mango Creek Lodge snook are commonly seen on the flats and in the mangrove lagoons. Roatan’s snook are typically about a foot long. Larger specimens are often 18 in. or more.

Make sure you gear up with the appropriate rods, reels, line, leaders, and flies.

Consider Bringing
  • Deceivers (chartreuse, white/green, and yellow/red) #2-4
  • Clousers (green, red/white, brown/white) #2-6
  • Poppers (green, yellow, red) #2-4
  • Plugs (white/red, and white/green) #4-6.

Gear Up

A 9-ft 10-wt rod should cover any snook fishing in Roatan.


Use reels to match your rod. You should also have at least 250 yds of 30-lb backing.

Fly Line

A tropical-weight forward line is sufficient for snook.


Heavy shock tippet (80–100 lb) is required for the razor-sharp gill plates of snook.


Most flies used for catching tarpon will also work for catching snook. However, for the top snook flies.

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