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We personally invite each and every one of you to come visit us at Mango Creek Lodge.  Come join us for a week of fishing or diving.  Looking for the perfect romantic get-away spot for your honeymoon…..look no further!  We also offer daytrips.


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Starry Night


Cabanas from 4Enjoy the quiet secluded tranquility that Mango Creek Lodge has to offer you while staying in your private over-the-water cabana.



Mango Creek Lodge is the premier fly-fishing and eco adventure lodge of Roatan, Honduras.  Located in secluded Port Royal, Mango Creek Lodge offers superb saltwater fly-fishing, diving, and eco adventures in the Western Caribbean paradise of Roatan’s quiet and tranquil East End.

Explore the beauty of Honduras’ Bay Islands by fishing the flats, diving or snorkeling the reef, kayaking the mangroves, or hiking the hills of Mango Creek Lodge. After a day of fun, enjoy our accommodations by relaxing in a hammock on the deck of your over-the-water cabana or sipping a cool drink in our restaurant.

Sunset restaurant


Eco Adventure: Pigeon Cays 2

Here at Mango Creek Lodge you can snorkel in some of the worlds finest and most diverse areas, expect to see animals and critters that cannot be seen anywhere else. Our beach You can kayak around the small islets of Cow & Calf, snorkel pristine reefs, and sail beautiful Port Royal. Each weeklong eco-package includes a daytrip to Pigeon Cays.  Here you can enjoy a white sand beach island for the day with a guided snorkeling trip and a picnic lunch.



Mango Creek Lodge is one of the Caribbean’s finest fishing lodges, we have been named as being in the top ten places to catch Permit and the flats, reefs, and mangroves allow us one of the best spots anywhere for a Grand Slam or Super  Grand Slam.  Mango Creek Lodge has 4 of the best guides on Roatan.  Come stay a week or just book a daytrip!




Mango Creek Lodge is where you go when you are sick of the crowds and want to be able to see things and not hear about them later. It is also where you go to learn. We have on average 4-6 people in our boat and everyone gets individual attention. We pride ourselves as being a relaxed safe and exciting place to dive.

Diver & coral 2



A romantic rooftop dinner under the amazing Caribbean stars.  Lobster and a chilled bottle of wine.  You too can enjoy this special treatment at Mango Creek Lodge. Don’t forget the freshly cut flowers from our gardens.  Cy & Sterling 3Want to get married while at Mango Creek?  We can do this for you as well.  Flowers & champagne

Explore more of the Mango Creek Lodge experiences by reading our blogs and reviews on Trip Advisor.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@mangocreeklodge.com.   We pride ourselves on making your vacation exactly how YOU want it!  Just ask us and we will try our best to make it happen.


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  1. agatto2 says:

    Wow I have not been here for a while…. The site looks great – Can’t wait to come and fish for permit….

  2. rsingelyn says:


    Just got back from another incredible week at Mango Creek Lodge. The food the fishing and the people were all first class. I have fished all over North America and the Caribbean, both oceans and have to say how lucky you are the have one of the best flats/ fly fishing guides on the planet. Perry will always put you on fish. It is just a matter if you can catch them or not. On Friday the 6th of May was one of those magical days where I was able to catch 3 Permit on the fly rod.The largest was about 16lbs and the smallest about 6Lbs. Perry and I had been working all week and the weather and the fish and the moon and the stars all aligned for just an incredible day of fly fishing. One school we ran into must of had 40 to 50 permit in it!!!! After catching the last Permit Perry and I quickly caught caught a couple of bones and Perry said let’s go for the GRAND SLAM. For the next 3 hrs we tried to catch a tarpon but had no luck. We went into the Mangroves on the east end as the sun was starting to drop and after two casts I had about a twenty pound Tarpon on!!!! It jumped once and I bowed to it and still had him on. Again it jumped but this time it threw the hook. Damm there goes the slam but Perry said to me that “sometimes the fish win too” but I know another spot that we may catch one. I said lets go. The sun was going down fast. We pulled into another spot in the Mangroves and saw some rolling, small Tarpons on the surface. I made two casts and nothing. The bugs were starting to munch on us like a rat on a cracker. Third cast a little 5 pound tarpon hit. It jumped once but with the heavy line I basically just reeled him in fast and picked him out of the water and deposited him into the bottom of the boat. “This one is not getting off” I said to Perry. As soon as it hit the floor the hook came out of its mouth. GRAND SLAM. After high fives and pats on the back we took a picture of the small tarpon and let him go. The bugs by now were relentless and Perry fired up the engine and said lets get the H out of here. So ended one of my greatest fishing days of my life. This day I will think of and will be with me until the end of my days. THANK YOU PERRY and THANK YOU MANGO CREEK LODGE. See you next year for more memories. Bob

  3. melissa wainwright says:

    I am soo glad to find you. I am from Louisiana
    Sportmans Paradise. I have been going to Roatan
    And also have property near east end in Jonesville. I will be coming
    Back to fish with you guys.

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