Mango Creek Lodge FAQ

Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions below

How many people can stay in one of your cabanas?

Our cabanas can sleep a total of 3 guests and have two beds.

Are you open year-round?

We are open year-round and look forward to seeing you. Our main lodge rooms can sleep a maximum of 2 guests.

Is there a busy season?

In Roatan, between November and April is what is considered the high/busy season. That is when you will find the best temperatures and it is when most cruises and people visit our Island and Mango Creek Lodge.

Is the price inclusive of all costs?

The price you see on the Book Now page is inclusive of your stay with us, and all your food and drinks with us, and your pick up and drop off from MCL. It does not include taxes and activities which are payable during your stay.

Are children allowed?

Children are allowed at Mango Creek Lodge with plenty of activities there for them to do.

How do we get to the Lodge?

We will arrange pick up and drop off to the Lodge. We can pick you up from the airport, or a port, or if you already are on the Island, we can pick you up from certain locations and specifically BJs Backyard.

Can I drive to Mango Creek Lodge?

You can not drive to Mango Creek Lodge as it is a slice of paradise kept away from roads. We will drive you from your pick-up point, to our boat which will take you to and from the Lodge. This offers you the greatest escape to nature.

Do you allow half days of fishing?

We can do full and half days of fishing. Contact us in advance for us to discuss and organise what suits you most.

What equipment do I need for the activities?

Equipment for all activities will be provided to you but you can of course bring your own equipment if you would prefer to.

How do we pay for our stay?

The easiest way to pay for your stay is either directly when you book with us, or if you have any extra payments (taxes, activities, etc) through PayPal, or the Pay Now link on our website which allows you to pay through debit or credit. We do not have card machines at the Lodge but can provide you with a link to pay online during your stay.

Are there vegetarian and vegan options for food?

We can cater our meals to fit any dietary needs and requirements including making them vegetarian or vegan.

Where can I find the best prices to book with you?

You can book with us by emailing us, through, but for the best prices, book directly and pay in full through our Book Now page on the top of our website.